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Additional Opportunities

There are several Air Force ROTC programs that provide cadets with specialized off-campus learning experiences.

Field Training

Field training is, in most cases, a cadet's first exposure to a working Air Force environment. The program is designed to develop military leadership and discipline, and to provide Air Force officer orientation and motivation. At the same time, the Air Force evaluates each cadet's potential as an officer. Field training includes aircraft and aircrew orientation, Air Force professional development orientation, marksmanship training, junior officer training, physical fitness, and survival training.

Professional Development Training

Designed to provide cadets with specialized and individual professional development by acquainting them with the life, duties and responsibilities of Air Force professionals. Limited opportunities are also available in parachuting, glider and survival training courses.

Base Visits

Base visits give cadets a firsthand look at operational Air Force bases. Each group of cadets is accompanied by an Air Force ROTC instructor who adds personal knowledge of the Air Force mission to the cadets' base-visit experience.

Extracurricular Activities

Air Force ROTC cadets participate in a variety of extracurricular activities like drill team, color guard, honor guard, Arnold Air Society and Civil Air Patrol orientation flights. Many students enrolled in Air Force ROTC also participate in unit-sponsored intramural sports and social functions.