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Aerospace Studies

The Air and Space Studies Program at UMass Lowell is designed to qualify for commissions those men and women who desire to serve in the United States Air Force and to provide an education that will develop skills and attitudes of vital importance to professional Air Force officers.

All Students (other than DWC) please call the UMass Lowell Registrar’s office at 978-934-2550 to register for classes. DWC students, please call the DWC Registrar’s Office at 603-577-6510 to register for classes.

For the latest course information, requirements, policies, course listings etc. please visit the UMass Lowell on-line Academic Catalog.

Foundations of the U.S. Air Force

Topics relating to the Air Force and defense. Structure and missions of Air Force organizations, officership and professionalism, and an introduction to communication skills.

Development & Evolution of U.S. Air Force Power

Factors contributing to the development of air power from its earliest beginnings through two World Wars, the evolution of air power concepts and doctrine, and an assessment of communication skills (speaking and writing).

Air Force Leadership Studies

Emphasizing the individual as a leader/manager in a Fortune 500/Air Force setting. The individual motivational and behavioral processes, leadership, communication, and group dynamics are covered to provide a foundation for the development of the professional skills needed by Air Force officers and middle managers. The basic managerial processes involving decision making, utilization of analytic aids in planning, organizing, and controlling in a changing environment are emphasized as necessary professional concepts. Organizational and personal values, management of forces in change, organizational power, politics, and managerial strategy and tactics are discussed within the context of the military organization. Actual Air Force and corporate case studies are used to enhance the learning and communication processes.

National Security/Active Duty Pre

An examination of the needs for national security, an analysis of the evolution and formulation of the American defense policy and strategy, aerospace doctrine; an examination of the methods for managing conflict, and an overview of alliances and regional security, arms control, and terrorism. Special topics of interest focus on the military as a profession, officership, the military justice system, and current issues affecting military professionals. Continued emphasis is given to the refinement of communication skills.

Leadership Lab

A study of Air Force customs and courtesies, drill and ceremonies, issuing military commands, instructing, directing and evaluating the preceding skills, studying the environment of an Air Force officer and learning about areas of opportunity as available to commissioned officers. Planning and controlling of military activities of the cadet corps, preparation and presentation of briefings and other oral and written communications. Providing interviews, guidance, and information which will increase the understanding, motivation, and performance of other cadets.