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2020 Challenge Grants Criteria

Chancellor's 2020 Challenge Grant Criteria

Applications not receiving awards in Round 1 will be rolled into the subsequent award round. The number of awards per round will be at the committee’s discretion.

Any project with the ability to advance the goals of UMass Lowell 2020 is eligible. For example:
  • A faculty member would like to implement a course project or activity that promotes interdepartmental collaboration [Transformational Education]
  • A department would like to implement a program that addresses a unique need of student veterans [Global Engagement & Inclusive Culture]
  • A faculty member would like to send a student to a student research symposium [Innovative Research & Entrepreneurship]
  • A student club would like to host a weekend hack-a-thon examining strategies to increase downtown retail activity  [Leverage Our Legacy and Our Place]
  • A department would like to conduct a risk management training exercise [Entrepreneurial Stewardship in Higher Education]
  • A community or alumni group would like to conduct a beautification project in the City of Lowell [Leverage Our Legacy and Our Place]
  • Criteria
The committee will review applications and rate them based on the following criteria:
  • Potential to advance a goal associated with the 2020 Strategic Plan Pillars
  • Project readiness and ability to implement during 2015-2016 academic year
  • Potential impact and immediate need for the project
  • Correlation of the award to the success of project
  • Additional or ancillary benefit to the university or community

Awards and use of funds

Grants requested will be awarded in amounts up to $1,000. The funds can be used for, but are not limited to:
  • Procuring materials or services
  • Compensation for a speaker or consultant
  • Conference or symposia fees
  • Contribution to an existing project budget
  • Contribution to a partner organization
  • Compensation for a student intern or student employee for work related to the project
The funds CANNOT be used for:
  • Additional compensation for the applicant
  • Non-substantive expenses of an existing project (e.g. catering for an event already planned by the applicant)
Funds must be expended by June 30, 2017. 

Faculty and staff must secure department chair or department head approval for their project prior to the award of funding.

Questions? Please contact Robin Toof.