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Spring classes begin Jan. 25 as fully remote, 25% transition to in-person Feb. 1. For more information, visit COVID website.


Fall 2020 Planning Committees

Academic Programs and Services Delivery

Charge: Develop high-quality on-campus course delivery and academic support plans that adhere to state guidelines for social distancing, if required, to meet projected demand under campus capacity limits. Furthermore, plans must be developed to move all teaching and academic services to remote operations if needed.  
Subcommittees: Classroom Capacity and Scheduling; Delivering Labs and Studios; Recruiting and Orientation; Supporting Teaching and Learning: Student Academic Services; Technology Readiness
Committee Chair: Joseph Hartman, Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs
Committee Members 
  • Joyce Andrews (Registrar)
  • Adam Baacke (Facilities)
  • Todd Borchers (Tutoring and Testing)
  • Doreen Bray (IT)
  • Peter Brigham (Facilities)
  • John Brown (Education, MSP)
  • Bryan Buchholz (Biomedical Engineering, GPAC)
  • Rosemarie Buxton (English, Adjuncts)
  • Nicole Champagne (ZCHS)
  • Kavitha Chandra (FCE)
  • Johanna Choo (Biological Sciences , MSP)
  • Partha Chowdhury (Physics, KCS)
  • Pauline Christakis (GPS)
  • Amit Deokar (Operations and Information Systems, MSB)
  • Beth Donaghey (Honors)
  • Kerry Donohoe (Academic Services)
  • Brandon Drake (Disability Services)
  • David Driscoll (Tutoring and Testing)
  • Patrick Driscoll (GPS)
  • Nicholas G. Evans (Philosophy, FAHSS)
  • Eric Fan (KCS, SGA)
  • Heidi Fantasia (Nursing, Faculty Senate)
  • Judith Frank (CLASS)
  • Brenda Geiger (Biomedical and Nutritional Sciences, ZCHS)
  • Justin Gerstenfield (Advising)
  • Bob Giles (Physics, Honors)
  • Paula Haines (Assessment and Accreditation)
  • Bryce Hoffman (University Relations)
  • Mary Elizabeth Hooker (Biomedical and Nutritional Sciences, MSP)
  • Kerri Johnston (Enrollment)
  • Ellen Keane (Library)
  • Erin Keene-Crouse (Enrollment)
  • Jen Keene-Crouse (CBA)
  • Sue Kim (FAHSS)
  • Tara Krch (The Solution Center)
  • Christine Lewis-Horton (Institutional Research)
  • Jennifer L'Heureux (Political Science)
  • Jill Lohmeier (Research and Evaluation, Education)
  • Mike Lucas (IT)
  • Allyson Lynch (Multicultural Affairs)
  • Nancy Ludwig (GPS)
  • Hunter Mack (Mechanical Engineering, FCE)
  • Margaret Manion (Library)
  • Fred Martin (KCS)
  • Ravi Masand (Athletics)
  • Sal Mazzone (ISSO)
  • Donna Mellen (IT)
  • Keith Mitchell (English)
  • Art Mittler (Physics, UPC)
  • Twisha Mohapatra (MSB, RHSA)
  • Donna Mullin (Library)
  • Julie Nash (Academic Affairs)
  • Gerry Nelson (University Relations)
  • Mai Nguyen (Registrar)
  • Lisa Panagopoulos (GPS)
  • Alison Quandt-Westgate (Athletics)
  • Kristen Rhyner (CLASS)
  • Sandy Richtermeyer (MSB)
  • Sheila Riley-Callahan (Advising)
  • Brent Shell (Advising)
  • Sharon Subreenduth (Education)
  • William Suppa (Instructional Technology)
  • Steven Tello (GPS)
  • Beth Watterson (GPS)
  • Debbie White (GPS)
  • Jenifer Whitten-Woodring (Political Science, FAHSS)
  • Miko Wilford (Psychology, FAHSS)
  • David Willis (FCE)
  • Oda Yuko (Art & Design, FAHSS)

Research and Scholarship Support

Charge: Develop research protocols that adhere to state guidelines for social distancing, if required, while meeting demand.  Furthermore, plans must be developed to support faculty and student scholarship remotely if needed.
Subcommittees: Research and Lab Safety; Scheduling; Granting Access; Assessment and Communications
Committee Chairs: Julie Chen, Vice Chancellor and Anne Maglia, Associate Vice Chancellor for Research and Economic Development
Committee Members
  • Dhimiter Bello (ZCHS)
  • Tim Cook (Physics)
  • Gary Delehanty (Facilities)
  • Tom Estabrook (TNEC)
  • Tom Ferraguto (ETIC)
  • Jennifer Fish (Biology)
  • Matt Gage (Chemistry)
  • Christine Gillette (University Relations)
  • Karen Hamlin (CRF)
  • Meaghan Healy (Facilities)
  • Ingrid Hess (Art)
  • Tom Hoole (Economic Development)
  • Shannon Kelleher (Biomedical and Nutritional Sciences)
  • John Lamb (BMEBT)
  • Glenn MacDonald (EH&S)
  • Joey Mead (FCE)
  • Kerry Meisinger (Labor Relations)
  • Gary Nolan (Facilities)
  • Matt Nugent (KCS)
  • Tom O’Donnell (Economic Development)
  • Arlene Parquette (Industry Relations)
  • Amy Peterson (Plastics Engineering)
  • MaryAnn Picard (M2D2)
  • Paulette Renault-Caragianes (Wellness Center)
  • Richard Serna (FAHSS)
  • Jim Sherwood (FCE)
  • John Shirley (Music)
  • Eric Si (VCRI)
  • Scott Stapleton (Mechanical Engineering)
  • Ann Storer (Facilities)
  • Berk Talay (MSB)
  • Jon Victorine (UCAPS)
  • Ken Wilson (Campus Police)

Residential Life, Events and Student Services Delivery

Charge: Develop a comprehensive strategy to ensure that safe and appropriate business operations, student centered services, and auxiliary services including: on-campus housing, dining, ICC, and hospitality and events (for on-campus and external visitors).  Service guidelines that adhere to state guidelines for social distancing if required.  Furthermore, plans must be developed to move all student services to remote operations if needed. 
Subcommittees: Student Engagement; Housing; Aramark, Dining and ICC; Meetings and Events; Health and Wellness; Student Success and Accommodations
Committee Chair: Laurence Siegel, Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs and University Events
Steering Committee Members:
  • James Kohl (Student Affairs)
  • Brenda Evans (Student Affairs)
  • June McDermott (Student Affairs)
  • Paulette Renault-Caragianes (Wellness Center)
  • Annie Ciaraldi (Student Affairs)
  • Joel McCarthy (Residence Life)
  • Jim Whitaker (Residence Life)
  • Leslie Wong (Multicultural Affairs)
  • Lauren Rojas (Events and Hospitality Services)
  • SGA Executive Board Members TBD
Other Committee Members:
  • Cheyenne Alexander (Student Activities & Leadership)
  • Graham Allen (Events & Hospitality)
  • Steve Athanas (IT)
  • Dezanae Boston Bernier (Student Affairs)
  • Peter Brigham (Facilities)
  • Greg Denon (Career & Co-op)
  • Jirair Derkrikorian (Facilities)
  • Sarah Dionne (Counseling)
  • Brandon Drake (Disability)
  • Adam Dunbar (Student Affairs)
  • Joanne Dunbar (Student Activities & Leadership)
  • Deborah Edelman Blank (Counseling)
  • Forrest Finkler (Residence Life)
  • Amy Freeman Lee (Health Services)
  • Caitlin Fuentes (Student Affairs)
  • Erin Keeves (Residence Life)
  • Felina Kelly (Residence Life)
  • Elaine Keough (University Relations)
  • Kristin Larson (Health Services)
  • Justin Lawler (Campus Rec)
  • Kate Legee (Student Conduct)
  • Amy Liss (Multicultural Affairs)
  • Ally Lynch (Multicultural Affairs)
  • June McDermott (Student Affairs)
  • Tracy Moore (Health Ed & Promotion)
  • Peter Murray (Campus Rec)
  • Giana Panagiotakos (Events & Hospitality)
  • Bruce Perry (ARAMARK)
  • Rae Perry (Career & Co-op)
  • Shaima Ragab (Student Affairs)
  • Sarah Rine (Student Activities & Leadership)
  • Jessie Santer (Student Activities & Leadership)
  • Paige Schaller (Events & Hospitality)
  • Rick Sherburne (Events & Hospitality)
  • Nicky Somma (Events & Hospitality)
  • Kathy Sullivan (Advancement)
  • Amanda Surgens (Residence Life)
  • Lauren Tornatore (Disability)
  • Diana Walker Moyer (Health Services)
  • Melissa Wall (Health Ed & Promotion)
  • Janine Wert (Veterans)
  • Kerri Willard Bray (Career & Co-op)
  • Rick Wood (Risk Management & Life Safety)

Division I Sports Programming

Charge: Develop practice and game protocols for social distancing, if possible, according to NCAA regulations. Furthermore, plans must be developed to support student-athletes and coaches if operations go remote.
Subcommittee: Return to Play
Committee Chair: Peter Casey, Director of Athletics
Committee Members:
  • Eric Allen (Athletics)
  • Todd Avery (English)
  • Ed Brennen (University Relations)
  • Brenda Evans (Student Affairs)
  • Gary Gardner (Coach, Men's Cross Country)
  • Shannon LeBlanc (Coach, Women's Field Hockey)
  • Tricia Lyon (Athletics)
  • Kerry Pucillo (Alumni Relations)
  • Alison Quandt-Westgate (Athletics)
  • Jean Robinson (Facilities Management)
  • Sandie Roecker (Athletics)
  • Ruben Sanca (Athletics)
  • Alan Zebrak (Athletics)

Financial and Human Resource Planning

Charge: Advisory committee that will provide financial projections under different operating modes to guide planning.
Committee Chair: Steve O’Riordan, Vice Chancellor for Finance and Operations
  • Julie Chen (Research and Economic Development)
  • Marianne Cwalina (Financial Services)
  • Andrea Cyr (Budget and Financial Planning)
  • Joseph Hartman (Provost's Office)
  • Karen Morin (Provost's Office)
  • Nancy Ritchie (Budget and Financial Planning)
  • Lauren Turner (HR)

Operations/Logistics Coordination Committee

Charge: Provide operational and logistical support to the planning committees requiring campuswide coordination and to develop a campus wide strategy and guidelines to ensure that safe and appropriate business operations adhering to state and other appropriate guidelines.  Additionally, to develop campuswide logistical/operational strategies to provide a cohesive coordinated approach and interface between each of the planning committees.
Subcommittees: None
Co-Chairs: Tom Miliano, Executive Director Administrative Services, and Rick Wood, Director Life Safety & Emergency Management/Administrative Services
Committee Members 
  • Kevin Conley (Emergency Preparedness)
  • Steve Hall (Information Technology)
  • James Kohl (Student Affairs)
  • Glenn MacDonald  (EHS)
  • Anne Maglia (Research)
  • TJ McCarthy (Facilities Operations & Services)
  • Nicholas Piscitello (Admin Services)
  • Paulette Renault-Caragianes (Wellness)
  • Jean Robinson, (Facilities Management)
  • Michael Rutherford (HR Labor Relations)
  • Jon Strunk (University Communications)
  • Jon Victorine (UCAPS/Security Technologies)
  • Ken Wilson (UML Police)
Committee Liaisons 
  • Designee: Academic Planning and Services 
  • Designee: Residential Life, Events and Student Services 
  • Designee: Research and Scholarship Support
  • Designee: Financial and Human Resource Planning
  • Designee: Division I Sports