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Today@UMass Lowell
Jan. 30, 2015

$4M State Grant Spawns Printed Electronics Research Collaborative
Thanks to a $4 million grant from the Massachusetts Technology Collaborative, the new Printed Electronics Research Collaborative will connect state businesses with university faculty and students. Read More

Chancellor Marty Meehan and Gov. Charlie Baker announce a $4 million state grant to fund the new Printed Electronics Research Collaborative at the Saab Center.

Art Prof’s Videos Chosen for Giant Boston Marquee
Assoc. Prof. Ellen Wetmore’s works were selected to be featured in Art on the Marquee in Boston. Read More

Artist Ellen Wetmore drew inspiration from Italy for her video "Frescoes."

Researchers Help Chinatown Understand Pollution
The National Institutes of Health recently awarded a multidisciplinary team of researchers $450,000 to develop a computer-visualization tool to help educate residents in Boston’s Chinatown about the hazards of traffic-re Read More

Boston’s Chinatown is home to nearly 6,000 residents, mainly of Chinese descent.