Today@UMass Lowell
Aug. 31, 2015

UMass Lowell Steps Up For Student Health
The university's Wellness Center offers students support through counseling, health services and safety programs. Read More

Stress Relief Day is one way the university helps students cope with the demands of college.

New Chancellor, Programs and Faculty Kick off School Year
The new academic year begins with a new chancellor, new faculty and new programs on a growing campus. Read More

Chancellor Jacquie Moloney will welcome students back to campus with new faculty, campus improvements and expanded programs this fall.

Intern Focuses Energy on Future
Thanks to internship with Constellation Energy, mechanical engineering major Dan Orth has a hand in university’s $27 million Accelerated Energy Program project. Read More

Mechanical engineering major Dan Orth’s summer internship with Constellation Energy has given him an up-close look at building systems across campus.