Living Learning Communities


If you’re looking to go into pre-health professions, then you definitely want to be a part of the Pre-Med LLC. With exciting speakers, personalized attention and in-depth advising, the Pre-Med LLC faculty members do everything they can to make sure you are successful on your path to graduate school. Whether you’re Pre-Med or interested in dental or veterinary school, the best way to connect with your peers and find your path is choosing this Living Learning Community.

Our outstanding faculty has decades of experience in advising students who have gone on to medical, dental and veterinary schools. By providing you the motivation and resources of the School of Sciences combined with the Office of Residence Life, our goal is to support you along your road to success!


Fall 2015: Fox Hall, 8th floor

Maximum Participants:
25 Students

Faculty Adviser
Professor Peter Gaines

How to Sign Up  
Freshman Living-Learning Community sign up is a part of the Freshman Housing Contract.