Office of Student Conduct

Reporting Resources

We encourage all members of the University community to report potential violations of the Student Conduct Code. 

Below is a list of resources to assist you in reporting and/or answer questions.

Office of Student Conduct

Coordinator of Student Conduct:  Bohdan J. Zaryckyj
Location: Fox Hall First Floor (East Campus)
Telephone: 1-978-934-5068

Dean of Students Office

Location: Cumnock Hall 110 (North Campus)
Telephone: 1-978-934-2100

University Police Department

Location: University Crossing, 220 Pawtucket Street, Suite 170, Lowell, MA 01854
Telephone: Non-Emergency: 1-978-934-2398
Emergency: 1-978-934-2911
Anonymous Tip Line: 1-978-934-4213 – this is a confidential service

Department of Residence Life

You can contact your Resident Advisor or Resident Director.
Location: Fox Hall First Floor (East Campus)
Telephone: 1-978-934-5160

Sexual Misconduct Policy

The University takes potential violations of the Sexual Misconduct policy, found on page 5 and 6 of the Student Conduct Code (pdf) seriously.  If you or someone you know have information regarding a possible violation of this policy please contact one of the following resources.  Please note: these resources are required to report the information to the appropriate parties at the University. Contacting any of these resources does not necessarily mean a conduct process will be initiated.

Dean of Student’s Office

Annie Ciaraldi
Associate Dean of Student Affairs
Title IX Deputy Coordinator
Cumnock Hall Suite 110

University Police Department

Lt. Melissa Mullen
University Crossing
220 Pawtucket Street, Suite 170, Lowell, MA 01854

Department of Residence Life

Joel McCarthy
Director of Residence Life
Fox Hall 1st Floor

Office of Equal Opportunity and Outreach

Clara Orlando
Director of Equal Opportunity and Outreach
Title IX Coordinator
Wannalancit Mills, Suite 301
600 Suffolk Street, Lowell, MA 01854