The Invisible Identity Series

The Invisible Identity awareness on hidden identities within our campus community. Beginning in September and ending in April, this series will showcase a different Invisible Identity. Previous topics have been: Friends and Families of Addicts, Individuals who have been placed in Foster Care, Survivors of Relationship Violence, and Veterans. 

Upcoming Series Time and Location

Fall 2015 Dates: 

Sept. 23, 5 p.m., University Crossing 158       
"Being Bullied"
Oct. 28, 5 p.m., University Crossing 158           
"UMass Lowell LGBTQ Faculty/Staff Experiences"
Dec. 1, 5 p.m., University Crossing 158            
"Living with a long-term illness"

Past Invisible Identity Workshop Posters

Past Invisible Identity Workshop Posters