Clubs & Organizations

2013-2014 Student Organization Co-Sponsorships

The Office of Multicultural Affairs (OMA) welcomes the opportunity to co-sponsor programs and initiatives with the multicultural and spiritual student organizations that fall under the office.

Funds Available:

        $6,000 available for the Fall
        $6,000 available for the Spring
        $3,000 discretionary funding for annual campus programs that are historically co-sponsored by OMA

Before Requesting Funding:

  • Student groups must first utilize their organization budget
  • Student groups must also request additional funding from the Student Government Association
How to Request Funds:

Students must request a meeting with the Director of Multicultural Affairs and/or Assistant Director of Multicultural Affairs at least 30 days in advance of the event. To request a meeting please contact Mary Ann Karabatsos, Multicultural Affairs Staff Assistant, by phone: 978-934-4336 or email:
At the meeting please be prepared to share:   
  • Event Info - Date, Time, Logistics
  • Information on how this event aligns with the Office of Multicultural Affairs mission: The Mission of the Office of Multicultural Affairs is to create an inclusive campus community that promotes social justice and diversity. We serve and support all members of our community, particularly individuals from underrepresented backgrounds. Using a student-centered approach, our office strives to create change and transformation through programs, initiatives and support.
  • A budget must be presented with information including:
    • Funds being used from club budget
    • Funds being used from co-sponsoring organizations budget (if applicable)
    • Funds being requested from SGA

Please note: No more than $1,500 can be requested per event.