Common Illnesses

Nausea, Vomiting, and Diarrhea

Intestinal disorders are generally viral in nature and self limiting, lasting 48-72 hours. To help alleviate your symptoms, restrict what you eat and drink.

Do not eat or drink anything for four to six hours, then start with sips of clear liquids (tea, ginger ale, water, non-citrus jello, etc.) If after 24 hours of clear liquids your symptoms have abated, increase intake to include full liquids (soups, soft boiled eggs) and gradually work up to a bland diet (toast, bananas, cottage cheese, rice, boiled chicken). Avoid milk, spices, fatty foods and raw vegetables until you feel well.

If you have abdominal pain, fever over 100 degrees F. or bloody diarrhea, contact Health Services at 978-934-4991 or go to the emergency room.