Alcohol and Drug Information


Heroin-related emergencies at local hospitals have increased markedly over the past decade. A purer form of the drug is available, which has a number of heroin users streaming into local emergency rooms. As the purity of the drug has increased, the price has decreased due to ample supply. The more potent drug and lower price are a deadly combination.

This newer, more potent heroin can be injected, smoked or snorted, which mistakenly leads the user into a false sense of "control" over the drug than if they are "just" inhaling it. Some drug officials note that dealers often give out free samples of heroin with the purchase of crack cocaine to increase their sales. Unfortunately, the one-time experiment with this deadly, more potent heroin can cause addiction and even death.

If you have concerns or questions regarding heroin or other drug use, contact the Counseling Center at ext. 4331 or Student Health Services at ext. 4991.