Alcohol and Drug Information


Methamphetamine (sometimes known as crank) is making a nationwide comeback. A study on crank use in the state of Iowa showed that people use crank as a method of staying awake for over a week at a time. Some have even stayed up as long as 30 to 40 days without sleeping at all. This takes a devastating toll on the body and mind.

Some students may turn to crank to increase studying time, however, crank does kill. Some crank users die because their body becomes unable to fight off infections. Others suffer from brain damage and some experience convulsions and comas. This is a dangerous drug and people should be aware of its consequences. Symptoms to watch for include: loss of appetite, decreasing body weight, irritability and staying up for hours on end. Crank may also appear as a possible, although desperate, way to lose weight.

If you have any concerns regarding your or a friend's involvement with crank or other drugs, contact the Counseling Center at ext. 4331 or Student Health Services at ext. 4991.