For Employers

Online Job Posting and Recruiting

careerlink Employers can electronically post job, internship, or co-op opportunities at no charge for UMass Lowell students and alumni through our on-campus recruiting program, CareerLINK. Through this online system, you can view resumes (and other documents you request) submitted by students/alums, select candidates to interview, and invite selected candidates to on-campus interviews, if you wish.

If you are interested in visiting the UMass Lowell campus to interview candidates, please email or call us at 978-934-2355 to schedule times and space for your interview visit.

If you would like to post job opportunities for UMass Lowell students, please call our office at 978-934-2355 to open an account or go to our CareerLINK employer login page to set one up on your own.

If you would like guidance on making your opportunities more marketable to the UMass Lowell student community, we are happy to speak with you. And we encourage you to read information from our office and the Fair Labor Standards Act regarding unpaid internships.

Contact Information

Recruiting Programs Manager: Claire Hall
Telephone: 978-934-2352
Fax: 978-934-3073
Email: Recruiting Services