Professional Cooperative Education

Work Experience

Students most often participate in their first co-op work experience the summer following their sophomore year. During their undergraduate program they may opt to undertake two three-month full-time summer co-ops, two six-month full-time co-ops or a combination, depending upon the academic department.

Employers who participate in the co-op partnership are expected to offer students challenging and appropriate assignments and tasks that enhance learning while contributing real value to their organization. At the start of each co-op experience, the student and his/her supervisor (employer) create specific, achievable learning goals that are monitored and evaluated throughout the experience. The co-op coordinator (a Career & Co-op staff member) provides regular and supportive communication to employers and students to make sure that the needs of both partners are being met. The co-op coordinator, in conjunction with the Registrar, also registers students for the employment experience as well as the appropriate and required follow-up academic coursework:

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