Wheelchair directions to the Career & Co-op Center

Wheelchair Directions

Career & Co-op Center, 328 Southwick Hall, North Campus

  • Enter Olney Hall from Riverside Lot side.
  • Proceed down corridor to elevator on left.  Take elevator to second floor.
  • Exit elevator and proceed left down corridor to end.
  • Cross over breezeway into Engineering Building.
  • Proceed past snack bar, using ramp, and turn left down corridor.  
  • Immediately at the end of the next downward ramp, take the elevator on your left to the third floor.   
  • Exit elevator, turning left.  Enter Kitson Hall and take next hallway to the right.  This hallway takes you to Southwick Hall.
  • Proceed straight ahead to Career Services at the end of the hall.
Note:  There are no steps on this route and the elevator is easily accessible and wheelchair-friendly. There are, however, one or two pull doors that do not have remote openers and may require assistance of passersby.