College Prep Program

The College Prep Program is a partnership between UML and Lawrence High School, Lawrence, MA.  Its goal is to engage students in a meaningful learning experience that will enhance their basic skills, critical thinking and social competencies.  More importantly, College Prep exposes participating students to the college experience.  

College Prep is geared toward improving the Lawrence High School students' chances of competing in a technically advanced society by offering enrichment classes in the areas of math, physical science, computer literacy, and English language arts.  Students enrolled in the program attend Saturday classes during the academic year and spend summers attending classes four days a week for six weeks.  Students entering their senior year in high school have the opportunity of participating in the internship program, with all senior students placed in internships, work assignments and/or research apprentices. They are assigned to work in a specific University department or local business, with a faculty member or a business partner serving as their supervisor.  The internship component gives students the chance to explore career interests.  At the end of the internship, students are required to provide an oral presentation of their internship experience.