Nano EHS Talk

"Occupational and Environmental Health and Safety for Nanomaterials (EHS)" 

Maynard and Kuempel (2005) present the key questions regarding occupational exposures to engineered nanoparticles as:

While occupational exposures to nanometer–diameter and nanometer-structured particles have been occurring for many years, and have been associated with lung diseases, the advent of nanotechnology producing and using new and exotic nanometer-structured materials raises many questions and concerns. Three questions in particular reflect current data and information gaps: What are the hazards associated with engineered nanomaterials (i.e., the inherent properties of the material that can cause harm)? Is there a health risk to workers from nanomaterials (which depends on the external exposure, internal dose, and biological response)? How can potential risks be minimized or eliminated?

These same questions can be applied to the general environment, if the word "occupational" is replaced by "environmental" and "workers" by "the public."