Women in Film

Feminist.com's Women and the Arts - (http://www.feminist.com/women.htm

This Feminist.com's section of links is devoted to women and the arts, including many websites for women in film. 

George Mason University's Film and Media Studies Department - (http://fams.gmu.edu/

The GMU's section of links devoted to women in film. 

Ishtar Films Presents Distinguished Films About Women - (http://www.ishtarfilms.com/

This site contains two major sections: Films on Women's History and Films on Women Writers and Artists. Each section contains a short film list with descriptions for each film. 

University of California, Berkeley's Media Resources Center Women and Gender Studies Videotapes - (http://www.lib.berkeley.edu/MRC/WomenVid.html

Comprehensive list of films about and for women including descriptions for each film. Some entries include full-text reviews from ABC-CLIO Video Rating Guide for Libraries. 

University of Virginia's Reference Guide to Women in Cinema - (http://people.virginia.edu/~pm9k/libsci/womFilm.html

This guide includes essays, a resource guide, bibliographies of anthologies and more. 

Women in Film Homepage - (http://www.wif.org

According to the webmaster of this site, "Women In Film is a professional organization founded in Los Angeles in 1973 with the commitment to recognize, develop, and actively promote the unique visions of women in the global communications industry". 

Women’s Image Network - (http://www.winfemme.com

Women’s Image Network is the producer of the “The Annual Winfemme Festival” and the “Winfemme Monthlies”. According to the webmaster of this site, "Women's Image Network was formed to encourage positive portrayals of women in theater, television and film to alter limited perceptions of women in all walks of life. Using these far-reaching mediums, WIN helps women have their own voice in creating their own image and encourages stories that depict positive, powerful, confident and courageous women”.