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We have listed several representative sites in each category below to get you started on your web-browsing and journey.  Each has a substantial amount of information and many/most have extensive links to other very useful topics and web sites.  This list is not meant to be inclusive. We welcome your suggestions for additional sites you find very useful. Please note that our inclusion of any site on this list does not mean we certify the validity or authenticity or truthfulness of the content.  Users must beware of providing personal data on the internet and be attentive to all security concerns.

Virtual Library Links:

Tips on Virtual Library navigation  While browsing the Virtual Library, keep in mind:  When you click on your first external link (i.e., any link that brings you to a page outside of this UMass Lowell's Center for Women & Work webpage), a second browser window will open. 

This allows you to look at external webpages without losing track of the Center for Women & Work webpage. You can view the external page, and then switch your attention back to the first web browser window which still has the CWW webpage. You won't have to keep hitting your browser's "Back" button to find us again! 

Leaving this second window open makes things easier. If you close the window (after looking at one external site), the next external link that you click on will open up a new window anyway! And it takes longer for a new window to be opened than for a page to load into an already existing window.