Violence against Women and Girls

Research Information Network on Women and Girls in Illinois - (
Provides information for Illinois women and girls on topics such as health/aging, education/training, employment/poverty, violence/safety, and family/caregiving issues. Includes national and international information. 

UNIFEM global campaign to eliminate Violence Against women - (
From here you can join the virtual working group to end violence against women or view the inter-agency global videoconference. You can also learn more about the three regional campaigns that occur in Latina America and the Caribbean, in Africa, and in Asia and the Pacific as well as about the trust fund in support of actions to eleminate violence against women. 

National Coalition Building Institute - (
This agency has developed a prejudice reduction and conflict resolution model that helps people identify the information and misinformation that we learn about groups other than our own; aides people in identifying and expressing pride in the groups to which they belong; teaches how groups, other than our own, experience mistreatment; teaches the personal impact of specific incidents of discrimination; teaches how to interrupt prejudicial jokes, remarks and slurs; and teaches parties to a dispute how to reolve the conflict using listening skills.