Organizations for Women

The American Association of University Women - (

The American Association of University Women is a national organization promoting education and equity for all women and girls. The site includes information on becoming a member, ways to take action, a research which gives full descriptions of several studies the AAUW has done on the problems girls face in school, and a listing of fellowships, grants and awards the AAUW supports. 

The Association for Women in Development (AWID) - (

The Association for Women in Development is an international membership organization committed to gender equality and a just and sustainable development process. Through membership, scholars, practitioners, policymakers, and students from all over the world, may share and spread ideas on how to advance women's rights within development. 

Feminist Majority Foundation - (

The FMF site contains feminist news, and events. Click on the Feminist Internet Gateway button for extensive links to other sites. Their Internet Gateway includes categories such as women's health, women and work, women in politics, feminist arts, literature and entertainment, Internet search tools, listervs, newsgroups, forums, and Goverment Research and Reference. 

Institute for Women's Policy Research (IWPR) - (

The IWPR is a public policy research organization which aims to inform and stimulate the debate on public policy issues of critical importance to women and their families. The issues the organization concentrates on include poverty and welfare, employment and earnings, work and family issues, economic and social aspects of health care and domestic violence, and women's civic and political participation. The site contains information about its membership, research, publications, and media coverage. 

National Institute for Working Life (NIWL) - (

The NIFL is based on Stockholm, and its mission is "pursuing and fostering research and learning, as well as conducting development projects concerning work, the working environment and relations within the labour market". The site contains a searchable database which may sometimes return results in Swedish. 

National Organization for Women (NOW) - (

NOW works to create positive changes for women. Their website includes membership information, details on key issues such as legislation, global feminism, racial and ethnic diversity, violence against women, and economic equity along with a variety of other sections that provide information on the organization, chapters, their e-mail action list and a search engine for the site. 

Wider Opportunities for Women - (

WOW works internationally and in Washington, DC to achieve economic independence and equality of opportunity for women and girls through employment and training. Sections include national and local programs, publications, and information on how to become a member of WOW. 

Working Groups on Girls (WGG) Homepage - (

This is "a special NGO website dedicated to the truth that all girls everywhere have the right to develop to their full potential". At this site, you can find more information on girls' situations, the WGG, its future plans, its member organizations, and the International Network for Girls (INfG) formed by the WGG. 

Workplace Solutions - (

Provides information and assistance to women and employers to increase low-income women's access to high wage jobs in fields which are considered nontraditional (jobs in which women comprise less than 25 percent of the workforce). Sections include a resource clearinghouse with publications, videos, and interactive tools, and customized solutions for employee recruitment, training, retention and sexual harrassment prevention strategies. 

National Coalition Building Institute - (

This agency has developed a prejudice reduction and conflict resolution model that helps people identify the information and misinformation that we learn about groups other than our own; aides people in identifying and expressing pride in the groups to which they belong; teaches how groups, other than our own, experience mistreatment; teaches the personal impact of specific incidents of discrimination; teaches how to interrupt prejudicial jokes, remarks and slurs; and teaches parties to a dispute how to resolve the conflict using listening skills.

Women's Human Rights Net - (

Founded in 1997, WHRnet is an international network of women's human rights organizations that seeks the effective utilization of all available information and communication technologies (ICTs) toward the advancement of Women's human rights. It provides reliable, comprehensive, and timely information and analyses on Women's human rights in English, Spanish and French, and develops online services and interactive features that facilitate dialogue and the development of action strategies among women's human rights advocates