Training and Career Development

American Association of University Women - (
According to the website, the AAUW is a "national organization that promotes education and equity for all women and girls". Their site includes information on becoming a member, ways to take action, a research which gives full descriptions of several studies the AAUW has done on the problems girls face in school, and a listing of fellowships, grants and awards the AAUW supports. 

UMass Lowell Career Services - (
UMass Lowell students and Alumni can use this site to search for jobs, post a web-resume or find out more about career counseling. Employers may access this site to post a job opening or find out more information regarding campus recruiting. Girls 

Eleanor Roosevelt Center at Val-Kill Girls Leadership Workshop (ERVK) - (
According to the website, the ERVK is "a non-partisan, non-profit organization dedicated to Eleanor Roosevelt's belief that people can enhance the quality of their lives through purposeful action based on sensitive discourse among people of diverse perspectives focusing on the varied needs of society." Their site includes a listing of programs, related sites, funding opportunities, a description of their history and related news.

Girls Inc. - ( 1-212-689-3700
Girls Inc. is "Inspiring All Girls To Be Strong, Smart and Bold". Their site includes a Girls Bill of Rights, Research, membership information, funding opportunities and Projects. One such project pairs top ranking female executives with girls to build financial acumen and confidence. 

Independent Means - (
Place for women under-twenty (and their over-twenty mentors) to find an income of her own.  Independent Means is the leading provider of products and services for girls financial independence. Their site includes newsletters, calendar of events, links to websites, teen business pages, and "Just Ask Her". 

National Coalition Building Institute - (
This agency has developed a prejudice reduction and conflict resolution model that helps people identify the information and misinformation that we learn about groups other than our own; aides people in identifying and expressing pride in the groups to which they belong; teaches how groups, other than our own, experience mistreatment; teaches the personal impact of specific incidents of discrimination; teaches how to interrupt prejudicial jokes, remarks and slurs; and teaches parties to a dispute how to reolve the conflict using listening skills. 

Reflect and Strengthen - (
Young working class women from or living in Boston's urban neighborhoods creating and nurturing environments for positive social change through creative expression, political education and community building. 

Values include:

- Leadership 

- Reflection 

- Strength 

- Unity 

- Growth 

- Creativity