Curriculum Transformation Incorporating Diversity

Diversity Web - (

Focuses on the entire campus development but includes curriculum transformation as a major category. Syllabi and other resources are available on the various links provided here, including the Diversity Connections materials and information. 

The Compelling Need for Diversity Make a Difference? - ( 

The University of Michigan has compiled much of its expert testimony into a publication called The Compelling Need for Diversity in Higher Education. This site provides these documents. 

Graduate Faculty Interested in the Psychology of Women: 1998 - (

The information compiled at this site was obtained through questionnaires sent to department chairs in the U.S. and Canada in 1998. The report is divided into four tables, which in turn are organized by alphabetical order of U.S. states, followed by Canada. Within each state and Canada as a whole, individual entries are listed in alphabetical order of institution name. Following each name is information about the faculty tenure status, academic rank, and focus. 

Ms. Guidance on Women's Studies - (

Website on Women's Studies and women's issues in general. It includes a large section of resources and links.

Sloan Work and Family Research Network, Work-Family Syllabi -(

The virtual library of work-family syllabi was created to encourage faculty in different disciplines to include work and family topics in their courses. Readings, lectures, and class assignments are included in these syllabi.

National Center for Curriculum Transformation Resources on Women (NCCTRW) -  (

This site can serve as a resource for learning more about what Curriculum Transformation is and how it began and who has been involved in this endeavor. They also include information on ordering NCCTRW publications, a resource list of organizations, web pages and contacts, a section of related links and a forum for discussion is in the works. 

Women's Studies/Women's Issues Resource Sites - (

A selective alphabetical listing of web sites containing resources and information about women's studies/women's issues, with an emphasis on sites of particular use to an academic women's studies program 

Women's Studies Programs, Departments, & Research Centers - (

A listing of approximately 500 web sites on women's studies (including "gender studies") programs, departments, and research centers around the world.