Emerging Scholars

2015-2016 Emerging Scholars students
2015-2016 Emerging Scholars students

Thank you for your interest in the Emerging Scholars Program! This program provides students with a unique year-long opportunity to apply the theoretical knowledge gained from courses at UMass Lowell to a faculty member's on-going research. Students who participate gain valuable research experience and build on their classroom learning.

For more information contact: cww@uml.edu.

2015-2016 Partnership Projects

The CWW takes pleasure in sponsoring such innovative projects within an array of disciplines. The 2015-2016 partnership projects include:

Jenifer Whitten-Woodring, Assistant Professor of Political Science
Celin Carlo-Gonzalez, History
Project title: “The Fabled Fourth Estate: Media Freedom, New Media, Democracy and Human Rights

Marlowe Miller, Professor of English
Kelsey McDonough, English
Project title:Domestic Objects in Modernist Women’s Writing

Jonathan Silverman, Associate Professor of English
Jack Croughwell, English
Project title:The Merry Go-Story: What Horse Racing Tells Us about America

Michelle Haynes, Associate Professor of Psychology
Brittny Tobey, Psychology
Project title: The Dark Side of Mentoring

Christopher Allen, Assistant Professor of Psychology
Brittny Maravelias, Psychology and Criminal Justice
Project title:Examining Sexual Violence at UML

Richard Serna, Associate Professor of Psychology
Selena Tran, Psychology
Project title:Analyzing Atypical Attention in Autism Spectrum Disorder

Doreen Arcus, Associate Professor of Psychology
Stephanie Bizeur, History and Psychology
Project title:Students with Disabilities and the School-to-Prison Pipeline

Kelly Socia, Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice and Melissa Morabito, Associate Professor of Criminal Justice
Sarah Herrick, Criminal Justice
Anthony Omobono, Political Science
Project title: Analyzing indicators of disorder, community structure, and crime in Lowell, MA

Information about Past Emerging Scholars Projects

Past Emerging Scholars Projects:

To learn more about what the students have done, view their mid-year presentations.

- Mid-Year presentation 2013-2014 (pdf)

Mid-Year presentation 2015-2016 (pdf)

These articles document past Emerging Scholar Projects in action!

The Emerging Scholars Program is administered by the Center for Women & Work, and funded by the Office of the Vice Provost for Research and the College of Fine Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences.