Academic Technology

Lecture Capture (Echo 360)

UMass Lowell’s Lecture Capture technology gives you the ability to record your classes and offer to your students an additional tool while taking classes. 

Lecture capturing through Echo360 gives you the ability to record classes, special speakers, training processes and selectively send the captured sessions out to your students, either directly through a website or through Blackboard. 

The Echo360 lecture capturing application is available in more than 80 classrooms campus wide. There is also a separate application available that allows you to record from a laptop or desktop machine anywhere.


PCAP (Personal Capture Software)
This free application allows you to make your own screencast recordings, recording your screen and your webcamera (if desired). You may record as much as you wish on to your computer (PC or Mac), do some simple editing and then upload the recording to our Echo360 platform. An Echo360 account is required to publish the recording (making it available to all). Contact Randy at ext. 42175 or for more information.