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UMass Lowell encourages veterans to apply to its positions. Additionally, UMass Lowell is the academic institution of choice for many veterans.

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U.S. Office of Employment Management Veterans Criteria

Criteria Identifying Other Eligible Veterans

Prior to the enactment of the Veterans Employment Opportunities Act of 1998 (Public Law 105-339), the Equal Opportunity and Outreach obligations of federal contractors and subcontractors regarding veterans, and the VETS-100 reporting requirement, applied to two groups of veterans – Special Disabled Veterans and Veterans of the Vietnam Era. The criteria identifying these two groups are provided in the instructions on the reverse of the VETS-100 Report Form. The new legislation identifies a third category of veterans, identified in general terms as "Other Eligible Veterans," who are entitled to Equal Opportunity and Outreach in employment and who are to be included in the VETS-100 Reports submitted by federal contractors and subcontractors.

The general category of Other Eligible Veterans includes two key veteran groups. First, it includes veterans who served in a "war." Since the last declaration of war issued by Congress initiated World War II, veterans with active duty service between December 7, 1941, and April 28, 1952, are considered veterans of World War II and are included in the Other Eligible Veterans category. The second veteran group in the Other Eligible Veterans category includes those veterans who served in a campaign or on an expedition for which a campaign badge, a service medal, or an expeditionary medal has been awarded. This includes a number of military engagements that are listed on the reverse side of this page: Veterans Criteria (pdf).

While the precise number of service members involved in each of these engagements is not available, it is clear that a relatively large number received the Korean Service Medal for the Korean conflict, but the number of veterans from this conflict who are still in the workforce probably is low. Similarly, it is clear that a relatively large number of service members received the SW Asia Service Medal for service during Desert Shield or Desert Storm against Iraq, and a much larger number of veterans from this conflict will still be in workforce. For the remainder of these engagements, the number of veterans with qualifying service appears to be smaller and the probability of their participation in the current workforce is likely to be determined principally by the amount of time that has elapsed since the end of the engagement.

The Veterans Criteria is subject to change, as periods of service end and new medals are added. For that reason, the instructions on the reverse of the VETS-100 Report Form include the address of a website maintained by the Office of Personnel Management that is updated to reflect any changes that take place. The current summary of that listing is provided for the convenience of federal contractors and subcontractors. It is intended to assist federal contractors and subcontractors to prepare for the requirement to include Other Eligible Veterans in VETS-100 Reports. VETS-100 staff also will make every possible effort to assist federal contractors and subcontractors with those preparations. For additional information about Other Eligible Veterans category, federal contractors please call 703-461-2460.

For additional information, go to the U.S. Office of Personnel Management.

If you wish to report a concern or file a complaint regarding your veterans/reserve status, you may contact EOO at 978-934-3565. Simply calling our office does not constitute filing a complaint. What You Need To Know (pdf) about filing an internal complaint.

At any time, you may contact the following regarding filing an external complaint.

  • The United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC)  
    John F. Kennedy Federal Building
    Boston, MA 02203
    TTY: 800-669-6820
  • The Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination (MCAD)
    One Ashburton Place
    Sixth Floor, Room 601
    Boston, MA 02108
    TTY: 617-994-6196
  • Office for Civil Rights
    Boston Office
    U.S. Department of Education
    33 Arch Street, Suite 900
    Boston, MA 02110-1491
    TDD: 877-521-2172