Benefited Employees

Tuition Remission and Waiver Policy

This policy applies to both benefited full-time staff and part-time employees (designated at least 50 percent time with benefits). Eligible employees may enroll in a course at a community or state college if they have completed at least six months of employment as of the first day of the class. However, for courses offered at any of the UMass campuses, eligible employees may receive a tuition waiver as long as employed prior to the first day of classes.  

Full-time benefited employees are eligible for a full tuition waiver for all credits per semester in any state-supported course or any UMass Lowell Continuing Education program and a half (50 percent) waiver for any non state-supported course or program offered through Continuing Education at other state colleges or universities. 

Spouses and unmarried dependent children up through the age of 25 shall be eligible for a tuition waiver based on the employee’s status as full-time or part-time as indicated above. Waivers only apply to tuition. However, UMass Lowell will waive fees for undergraduate and graduate classes for benefited employees. 

Please refer to the Tuition Remission Form/Policy (pdf) for benefits for part-time employees as well as other additional details.