Linda Kahn-D'Angelo

Linda Kahn-D'Angelo, Physical Therapy

Linda Kahn-D'Angelo, Physical Therapy

Professor, DPT Program Director
Weed 214

Research Interest

Scholarly Interests
Pediatric Physical Therapy: Lecture and Laboratory
              Neuroscience: Neurophysiology and Neurology Lecture
              Neuroscience: Laboratory
              Research Advisor to DPT students
Teaching Interests
Active learning
Reflective learning
Research Areas of Interest
Special Care Nursery
Early Intervention
Infant Positioning, Activity, Obesity, and Plagiocephaly
Therapeutic Horseback Riding
Measuring infant activity
Supervised Tummy Time
Community Service
Speaker at 4 Merrimack Valley and Boston Hospitals on Physical Therapy in the Special Care Nursery
Volunteer Cuddler at Lawrence General Hospital Special Care Nursery
Volunteer Cuddler Orienter for new Cuddlers at Lawrence General Hospital
Salem Animal Rescue League – consultant for successful grant application to fund printing “Seeking Shelter” book
Cat care volunteer

Educational Background

BA in Psychology from Merrimack College, MA
MS in PT Texas Woman’s University
ScD in Therapeutic Studies, Boston University


Dr. Linda Kahn-D’Angelo has been with the Physical therapy Department since 1980 and teaches Pediatric Physical Therapy, Neuroscience: Physiology and Neurology and a Neuroanatomy Laboratory Section as well as the capstone course, Clinical Reasoning II.   Her preparation for teaching in these areas includes a doctoral degree from Boston University, Sargent College in the area of Pediatric Therapeutic Studies with a specialization in the early development of motor control.

Dr. Kahn-D’Angelo has also studied neuroanatomy and neurophysiology at Dartmouth Medical School in the Physiology Department.  She has participated in and organized grant-funded continuing education and Early Intervention training courses.  She has published numerous articles and has served as an abstractor and book reviewer for the APTA.  She has published several chapters on pediatric physical therapy including one on Physical Therapy in the Special Care Nursery in Physical Therapy for Children.  Dr. Kahn-D’Angelo is a member of the Editorial Board of Physical and Occupational Therapy in Pediatrics, a peer-reviewed journal.

Dr. Kahn-D’Angelo recently presented to four area hospitals on Physical Therapy in the Special Care Nursery and is currently a volunteer infant cuddler and does orientation of new cuddlers at Lawrence General Hospital.  She has worked clinically in a local Early Intervention Program and a local Visiting Nurses’ Association.