Research efforts among faculty include the areas of:
  • Health promotion, gerontology, culturally competent care and women's health
  • Health promotion research encompasses a broad range of selected areas, including pediatric HIV, cardiovascular health, violence, breast cancer, exercise and health disparities among health care workers

Faculty are involved as co-directors/researchers with several of the research centers on campus:

Nursing Faculty Areas of Research

Abdallah, Lisa

Outcomes of geriatric nurse practitioners; DRINC Project (Dehydration Reduction in Nursing Home Residents by Caregivers); BDN project (Bring Diversity to Nursing)

Brewin, Dorothy

Racial and ethnic disparities in birth outcomes, adolescent pregnancy, life course models of care, continuity of care, contextual factors and their relationship to birth outcomes

Dowling, Jacqueline

Child health, stress and coping, and humor; Bring Diversity to Nursing (BDN) Pre-entry recruitment, retention, and mentor-mentee relationships; Human simulation technology integration in nursing education

Dodge, Lea

 End-stage renal disease and diabetes among American Indians/Alaska Natives, dialysis outcomes, immunization compliance, wound care, and health promotion

Fantasia, Heidi Reproductive and sexual health, sexual decision making, negotiation of sexual consent, impact of partner violence on contraception use, reproductive coercion, personal and partner-mediated sexual risk behaviors, sexual safety, and screening for physical and sexual violence

Futrell, May
Professor Emerita

Health behaviors among older adults including physical activity; cultural differences in health behaviors of older adults (phenomenological method); Alzheimer's research; dementia and wandering; nursing historical research including the Lowell Nursing Archives; DRINC project

Gautam, Ramraj 

Social gerontology, more specifically late life intergenerational relationships, intergenerational programs, social support, caregiving, and mental health of older adults; Long-term care; Global aging and health 

Keough, Lori Population based research on adolescents and young adults including substance abuse, incarcerated, low socio-economic population research and health disparities. Advanced practice nursing education

King, Valerie

International service learning experiences and nursing students, qualitative research

Knight, Peggy

Negative effects of psychotropic medication; nursing interventions for acute psychiatric inpatients; mental health problems in older adults (anxiety, dementia, delirium, depression); impact of mental health problems on functional outcomes (IADL's, ADL's); influence of depressive symptoms, low mood and anxiety on health outcomes (pain, respiratory status, illness or surgical recovery etc.)


Koren, Ainat

Family planning, men's reproductive health; Health and safety of health care workers; Integration of technology into clinical practice; childhood obesity
Laccetti, Margaret
Oncology; Palliative Care, Pain Management, Education with Standardized Patients/Low Fidelity Simulation, New Graduate Nurse Residency Program Development, Leadership Development for Nurse Managers and Directors.

Mawn, Barbara

Health promotion behavior across the lifespan; health disparities; occupational health and safety adaptation to chronic illness; pediatric HIV infection; epidemiology; qualitative and quantitative methodologies 

McCarron, Amy Health promotion, the role of the advance practice nurse, and chronic illnesses

McDonough, Annette

Cardiac/implanted cardiac defibrillators sudden cardiac arrest in young adults/pediatrics; psycho/social issues in young adult cardiac patients, qualitative and mixed method

Melillo, Karen  Devereaux

Investigating alternative primary care models for the aged from Medicare data; Development and pilot testing of a transitional care dedicated education unit; DNPs caring for the underserved in Massachusetts after health care reform; Physical activity and exercise among older adults; Gerontological nurse practitioner intervention outcomes research; promoting healthy and safe employment in healthcare PHASE project case study team co-coordinator and long term care team leader; DRINC project - Dehydration Reduction in Community-dwelling Older Adults; Bring Diversity to Nursing - pre-entry recruitment and retention of minority and economically disadvantaged students; Human Simulation Technology integration in nursing education (Sim-Man) 

Morgan, Betty Professor Emerita

Substance abuse and pain management - nursing staff interactions; pain prevalence among the chronically mental ill; health behaviors in those with chronic illness, End of life care/psychosocial issues in HIV; Palliative care in HIV and mental illness 

Mote, Sandra

Teaching Undergraduate and Graduate students to design and lead therapeutic groups.  Mental health care promotion

Peters, Anya
Cardiovascular / Cardiothoracic Nursing

Phillips McEnany, Geoffry Professor Emeritus

Behavioral sleep medicine, sleep and women's Health; Sleep dysregulation in psychiatric disease

Reece, Susan Professor Emerita Health behaviors including self-efficacy and social support during life transitions; perimenopausal health self-efficacy; cultural interpretations of illness using Kleinman's explanatory model; pediatric overweight; parenting

Simons, Shellie

Horizontal (lateral) violence, workplace bullying, workplace retention; enteral feeding; critical thinking in nursing education; pre-entry recruitment and retention of minority and economically disadvantaged students

Soroken, Laurie

Role of DNR in ICU settings, health promotion

Tremblay, Celeste    

Technology and the effect it has on nursing medication errors; Simulation

Wilber, Jennifer

Health Promotion

Zhang, Yuan
Occupational Health, Shift Work and Sleep Health, Health-care Workforce

Additional research interests of specific faculty can be found on the Nursing faculty webpage.