Eta Omega Honors Society

Travel, Study & Learn Opportunity

I am co-chair of the MGH Nursing Research Committee, and I have contacted several of you in the past to ask if you would be interested in posting our Journal Club dates in your on-line or print newsletters or at your respective schools of nursing. Thank you to those who were able to. I obtained your e-mail addresses from the Sigma website.

Our goal is to bring the nursing community together through nursing research. We hold bimonthly live sessions where original published nursing research is presented by the nurse researcher. We are constantly trying to spread the word to get as many nurses involved as possible. Sessions are open to all at no cost.

Please let me know if you have any questions. Our committee's website is: (it is currently being updated) if you would like to view our past presenters.

Thank you,
Chelby Cierpial

Travel, Study & Learn Brochure (pdf)
Travel, Study, & Learn Information (pdf)
Travel, Study, & Learn for Interested Participants (pdf)