College of Health Sciences

Promote Health and Well-being

Promote the health of individuals, families, communities and environments by pursuing a high-quality education at the College of Health Sciences. As graduates, you'll be prepared for high-demand jobs that solve health problems that face our world.

You'll learn from world-renowned faculty who are scientists and researchers, but most importantly, champions for your success.

Visit each of the areas below to learn about programs that will help you promote health and well-being.

School of Nursing 

Provide direct patient care in clinical facilities as well as community settings such as hospitals, schools, nursing homes and community centers.

School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences

Become a competent pharmacist, clinician or clinical scientist in the healthcare system.

Division of Public Health

Promote health and prevent disease among the population as a whole.

Department of Clinical Laboratory and Nutritional Sciences 

Conduct diagnostic analysis of biological samples in laboratories; assess food intake and promote healthy eating to improve health and treat diseases.

Department of Physical Therapy

Help people prevent and overcome physical injuries by working in hospitals, clinics or private practices.