Community Health & Sustainability

Student Video and Webpage Projects

Media messages shape the perceptions, attitudes and behaviors that can affect our health. Media, especially videos, are also widely used to inform and educate the public and to communicate health messages. Students are required to understand and use video and the Internet in their coursework. Below are examples from two courses.

Introduction to Health Promotion

Students in the Introduction to Health Promotion course learn to produce multimedia/video health communications pieces.  This helps prepare them as future professionals in the fields of community and environmental health. These activities provide students with opportunities to produce appropriate health information and to become media literate.

The video projects are the core of the course's service learning component.  Students are required to work collaboratively with local community organizations and health agencies to produce short (approximately 4-6 minute) health promotion videos that are then used by each organization to further its public health efforts.  A sample of the videos may be viewed by clicking on the links below: