Health Informatics & Management

About the Program

A member of the ACHE (American College of Healthcare Executives) Health Education Network, the UMass Lowell Graduate Program in Health Informatics & Management (HI&M) is designed to produce health-care managers, health informatics and policy professionals with the knowledge and expertise essential to the delivery of high-quality, cost-effective health services and health information technology, as well as the design, analysis and evaluation of public health and private sector health policies.

As part of the Department of Community Health and Sustainability in the School of Health and Environment, the program focuses on strategies and methods that positively contribute to the improvement of health, particularly in areas of critical health needs and under-served populations.

This multidisciplinary program is firmly rooted in the latest health-care practice, policy and research as well as the current and future state of Health IT. Students pursuing the Health Informatics tract will be positioned to play important roles in the decision making, integration and implementation of IT technologies in all aspects of health care delivery.

The program integrates the values shared by dedicated public health and health care professionals, with a deep understanding of the unique characteristics and the management principles of public health policy and health care delivery, along with the rigorous methods required if students are to improve health and well-being in an increasingly complex environment. Competence with existing and emerging information and computer technologies is incorporated into all aspects of the program, and we offer a special concentration in Health Informatics.