Programs of Study

Bachelor of Arts in Modern Languages

The Department of World Languages and Cultures offers an undergraduate major for a Bachelor of Arts in Modern Languages that allows students to choose one of four options: French, Spanish, French/Spanish, or Italian/Spanish. Each option requires specific foundation courses that prepare students for advanced study; students then select specialized courses that complement this core and allow for exploration of individual interests.

The main purpose of the modern language programs is to provide students with the ability to function more effectively in the multicultural world we live in. The courses offer students the opportunity to acquire an ability to use a second language and to become aware of the cultures in which they flourish.

The options focus on the major intellectual concerns, culture and communication. Serving as the paradigmatic model for thinking in the human sciences, language occupies a high rung in the conceptualization of numerous disciplines and sign systems. Language courses offer an understanding of language as a system and a model of communication in its cultural context, in addition to providing skills in a number of languages. The learning of languages facilitates the cultural connection with the various linguistic groups of the region. The specific areas of study include instruction in language, literature, linguistics, civilization and culture.

Major Requirements & Courses

Check out the UMass Lowell Course Catalog for information on Modern Language courses and requirements. For course descriptions, see the online catalog in SiS:

Career Opportunities


With a growing demand for languages some graduates also find career opportunities in teaching a foreign language or English as a Second Language (ESL).

Banking and Financial Services

The explosion of international business activity has led to a growing need for many banks to hire bi- or multilingual overseas representatives and international officers, and for domestic banks to hire similarly skilled staff to assist non-English-speaking customers.

Government Jobs

Foreign language skills are essential for a wide range of federal government, including positions in Foreign Services, especially in the State Department, the International Communication Agency, the National Security Agency, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Immigration and Naturalization Services.

Other Fields

Graduates in Modern Languages bring skills gained from study and their experiences abroad to such fields as social work, international law and other areas of the legal profession, the print and broadcast media, health care services, advertising and sales, publishing, translating, travel and tourism.

Study Abroad Opportunities

The UMass Lowell Study Abroad offers opportunities in over 100 countries across the globe.  Additionally, you can earn credits while participating in internship and/or working with faculty.  

For example, in the summer of 2013, students traveled to Spain and study at the University of Cádiz in a specialized intensive language program established by the UMass Lowell Department of Cultural Studies and Office of Study Abroad & International Experiences. By living with a local family (homestay), attending class and taking advantage of the University of Cádiz resources such as tutoring, students can expect to substantially increase their language skills.

Study Abroad Program Brochure & Poster: