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AIGA UMass Lowell Student Group

AIGA is a national community of 67 chapters and 25,000 members. At UMass Lowell, our mission is to expand the knowledge and enthusiasm of the graphic arts in extension to the academic teaching provided by the university. We aim to be actively engaged in the design community both academically and professionally by attending the Boston chapter events and hosting our own events on campus.

Our group holds regular round table forums with design professionals. We also attend events, which range from design shows, learning forums and social gatherings of like-minded professionals. One does not have to be a designer to love design and because of this, anyone is welcome to join and express their voice. Design is everywhere and affects every aspect of our daily life whether you are a designer or not. So all of our meetings are open to all students and we encourage everyone to participate.

Visit us on Facebook: AIGA UMass Lowell Student Group

Art Student Union

The Student Art Union is a student organization at UML and funds various art-related events for students and alumni, including New York City trips to museums, galleries & visits to working artists and designers studios, as well as, on-campus open house events.

Each year the Student Art Union organizes an Annual Art Benefit and Auction. The proceeds from this event help fund the two yearly New York City trips which are open to all UML students. The Student Art Union, with monies raised from these yearly Benefits, has also establised a Visiting Artist Lecture Program.

Additionally, each year the Union organizes a barbecue to welcome incoming students to the department.

There is no fee to join and students from all disciplines are encouraged to participate.

Friends of Photography

The Lowell Friends of Photography is a group of very active photography students and alumni from the Photography Program of the Art Department at UMass Lowell.

Membership is open to any art student for a $20 annual membership fee. The organization hosts regular exhibitions both on campus and in the city of Lowell along with auction fundraisers. The LFOP is a member of Bostonís Photographic Resource Center and participates every year in the annual student show.

A special travel abroad summer program called Spirit Level offers opportunities to meet foreign students from schools in Finland, Switzerland and France while photographing in destinations such as Oaxaca, Mexico (SL III: 2007); Tuscany, Italy (SL II: 2003); and Finland, Russia, Estonia, Latvia, Poland, the Czech Republic and Switzerland
(SL III: 1996).

The first monograph of student work from all three trips, titled Spirit Level, was published by LFOP in 2008 for the opening of the Spirit Level exhibition at the Museum of Photography in Helsinki, Finland. Spirit Level IV is on the books for Summer 2009 but awaiting global coordinates.

UMLtimate Studio

UMLtimate Studio

This faculty supervised student studio currently runs as a directed study. Students work on projects for “real” clients (non-profit and profit) both within and outside of UML. Past works has included: logos forOperation Delta Dog; Weave; Posters for the Off-Broadway Players; Magazine covers for Mass Music Educator Association (one of which received a Best of Show Award in BONE show 2003); Signage; Package design for Café Solar; postcards for BFA shows; flyers; book marks; catalogs; web sites and clothing. Students gain professional practice for credit. Admission to class is portfolio review/permission of Professor Roehr.


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