University of Massachusetts Lowell

Arno Minkinnen
Arno Rafael Minkkinen: From the Shelton Hotel Looking East 2005
Chehalis Hegner
Chehalis Hegner: Sopra il Tavolo, 2013
Ellen Wetmore
Ellen Wetmore: 7 in Bed
Jehanne-Marie Gavarini
Jehanne-Marie Gavarini: Scare Bear Belt 2013
Jim Coates
Jim Coates: The Rose Museum Lean-tos
Regina Gardner Milan
Regina Gardner Milan: Twin Poster Series an exploration for change in design.
Stephen Mishol
Stephen Mishol: Margin 2011
Wael Kamal
Wael Kamal: Deniz
Michael Roundy
Michael Roundy: Kitchen Sink Astrophysics 2008
Karen Roehr
Karen Roehr: Taken for Granted - Miniature Book
Ingrid Hess
Ingrid Hess: "Think Fair Trade First" cover design
Pouya Afshar
Pouya Afshar: Character Design for 'THE JAFAR TALES' 2012

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Art Department
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870 Broadway Street
Lowell, MA 01854-3088

On View April 1

James Lentz:
Zippers and Other Interventions

April 1 - 24
Artist Talk & Opening:
April 2, starting at 3:00pm

BFA Program

Learn more about UML's Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) program in art with a concentration in either Design or Fine Arts.

Meet The Faculty

Meet our full-time faculty, adjunct and professional staff.


View job and internship opportunities for both students and alumni.


Summer Courses!

This year the Art Department is offering a pilot summer program. We invite UMass Lowell and other students, as well as the larger community to choose from four exciting courses:

UML Summer Courses


70.101-001    Art Concepts I


12:00-3:00 pm


70.155-001    Drawing I


3:00-6:00 pm


70.221-001   Practicum/Internship




70.271-001   Painting I


6:00-9:00 pm

Credits from these courses can be applied to the BFA degree and Art Minors. For more information and to sign up for the courses, please check the Continuing Education SUMMER I UNDERGRADUATE page at:


Show by UML honorary degree Chaz Maviyane-Davies at UMass Boston

Chaz Maviyane-Davies - A World of Questions

A World of Questions
February 2 - March 12, 2015

Harbor Gallery, University of Massachusetts Boston
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Go to Florence, Venice and Rome with Ellen Wetmore
see art. make art.

Sarah Coughwell

June 8-23, 2015
Two courses are on offer for summer 2015, you can take one or both. The first is a drawing class 70.295 in which you will will make a portfolio of small works and take them abroad to exhibit internationally. We will go to the Venice Biennial, an international printmaking festival of infinitely cool graffiti art (you will sell things), and an ancient Roman seaport that looks like an MC Escher drawing. And we will see everything from your art history courses: the Vatican, the Colosseum, the Botticellis, The David and the rest. The second course, 79.241, running at the same time, is Art in Political, Religious, and Historic context.

Classes will be in English. Ellen will accompany students from Lowell through Italy. Price listed here includes 3 credits, hotels with breakfast, buses between cities, entry fees to cultural institutions: $3755. Airfare is estimated to be $1500. Meals and incidentals is estimated around $1500. If the student takes 6 credits, financial aid will apply. The dean's office offers some world ready scholarships of $400. Application deadline for the scholarship is January 30th (link). Application deadline for this trip is March 1 with a deposit of $500. Email Ellen for more info at



Sarah Croughwell is Featured in 2014 Adobe MAX Insiders Blog

Sarah Coughwell

For the second consecutive year Adobe MAX has selected a unique group of creative professionals, from various disciplines to join us at their creative conference. They’ll be joining Adobe MAX as on-the-ground MAX reporters and sharing their insights, thoughts (on sessions and keynotes) and personal experiences on social media. Our own UMass Lowell Art Department design student, Sarah Croughwell has been invited to be a MAX reporter. Congratualtions Sarah! Learn more about Adobe MAX Insiders.




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