University of Massachusetts Lowell

University of Massachusetts Lowell Art and Design Facilities

The Art Department's studio facilities, administrative office, faculty and staff offices, the University Gallery and two student galleries are distributed between two buildings (Mahoney Hall and Dugan Hall) on South Campus.

The Art Department administrative office is located in Mahoney Hall, Suite 1 at 870 Broadway Street, Lowell, MA. There are two visitor parking lots: one is across the street from Mahoney Hall and the other is across from the McGauvran Student Center on Wilder Street. The office staff can be contacted at 978-934-3494. Students can pick up forms, obtain information about their faculty advisors, have general questions answered, and leave messages for faculty and staff at the Art Department office. Faculty office suites are located on the second floor of Mahoney Hall. In addition, Mahoney Hall is home to three of the Art Department’s four computer labs, the University Gallery, the digital print lab, staff offices, senior studio space for designers and conference room.

The Art Department occupies the ground floor of Dugan Hall, which houses most fine art and foundations studios. Also included in Dugan Hall is a large 600-square foot critique space with exhibition track lighting and gallery seating. The studio facilities in Dugan include one large mixed media studio, a foundations studio, a painting studio, a digital and wet lab darkroom, a photography lighting studio, individual semi-private studios with work spaces for senior and advanced art students, and the sculpture/ceramics/and 3-D foundations studio. The departmental Audiovisual Equipment Loan Center (“The Cage”) and the Studio Manager’s office are located in the center of Dugan’ basement.

O'Leary Library, located nearby on Wilder Street, houses Media Services. Media Services is administered by the Director of Libraries and provides student and faculty check-out access for video equipment, projection equipment, video and films, portable computers, cameras, and reservation of media/lecture rooms. These services, combined with Art Department resources, are designed to meet the needs of the B.F.A. program at UMass Lowell.

Mahoney Facilities

University Gallery

University Gallery   University Gallery

The University Gallery is located on the first floor of Mahoney Hall at 870 Broadway Street. The hallway outside the glass doors leading into the gallery is used as a reception space and publicity posting area. The gallery has 12-foot ceilings with a state-of-the-art adjustable track lighting system. The University Gallery provides approximately 90 feet of professional, exhibition-quality wall space. The gallery features a set of double swinging interior doors that can be closed to divide the space into a main gallery and annex.  The versatile smaller annex is a perfect environment for installations and video projections.  Also connected to the main space is a renovated greenhouse, which allows for another alternative exhibition space.  The gallery itself is 1,070-square feet with a wireless access point and eight network ports. The track lights are consistent with exhibition standards at 3000 K with energy efficient LED bulbs.

Computer Labs

Computer Lab   Computer Lab

The Art Department operates four computer labs. Three of the labs are housed in Mahoney Hall.  Each lab is equipped with eighteen 27 inch iMac stations, break-out tables, critique walls with track lighting, an instructor computer station, HP large color laser printer, and an Epson Expression flatbed and film scanner. Each computer lab has an 80 inch LCD screen for display, a full sound system, and dry erase magnetic boards for additional display and on-the-fly handwritten lecture notes.  All computer labs feature secure WIFI, internal network connection, and a departmental server. The four computer labs are loaded with current versions of the Adobe CC Suite. Mahoney 111 is our specialty animation lab.  This lab features all of the above, as well as eighteen 22 inch Wacom touch tablets with interactive pens. The Animation and Graphic Design labs are a teaching facility for all classes within the graphic design major. Our computer labs are located in Mahoney 103, 111, 206 and O’Leary Library 300B.

Students and faculty may utilize the computer labs Monday through Friday with ID card access.  Labs are also staffed during evening and weekend hours, creating plenty of opportunities for students who require lab hours outside of the regular daily schedule. 

Digital Print Lab

Digital Print Lab

The Art Department’s digital print lab is located in Mahoney Hall, Room 110.  This lab houses much of the specialized digital equipment and serves both the fine art and graphic design majors.

The print lab has six 27 inch iMac stations and 2 Mac Pro workstations. The lab is staffed by our Digital Output Coordinator and open between the hours of 8 AM and 5 PM. The lab is equipped with four printers, a binding machine, heat press, cutting plotter, and a large bed Epson Expression scanner. The Canon 8400 and Epson 7900 printers allow for large format digital prints up to 24" wide. Mahoney 110 is a full service digital print shop where students can print on a wide array of media including paper, canvas, vinyl, stickers, apparel and transparency film. This lab allows students to work on specialized projects with the assistance of our Output Coordinator.

Senior and Advanced Studio Work Space

Students working on their B.F.A. capstone projects in graphic design have access to studio space in a secure area. They are given card access and can use the Senior Studio Space 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. These studio spaces are awarded through an application process reviewed every semester by a faculty committee.

Dugan Facilities

Mixed Media Studio

Mixed Media StudioThe mixed media studio is a large 1,450-square foot wet lab used for a variety of media.  The room provides specialized equipment for printmaking, papermaking, and alternative photography processes.

It offers two large stainless steel sinks with acid neutralization and compound solidifiers. In addition to two Nederman lab arms for heightened localized ventilation, the room features an accelerated ventilation system.  The mixed media studio has 12 large stainless steel tables that allow 24 students to work at once.  There are ceiling electrical pulls above each table. The room also contains six large flat files for storage, counter spaces, and numerous shelves and bins for storage. There is a Mac mini, a ceiling mounted video projector, and a full sound system for digital teaching needs. The Mixed Media Studio also has a full-length wall with a Homasote surface and gallery track lighting for informal class critiques. This wall simulates professional gallery lighting conditions, thus allowing the possibility of making accurate assessments of work while still in the making-process.

The printmaking portion of the studio contains two electric presses and one manual press. There are large racks for drying prints and storage for silk screens. The room contains a Ryonett spray booth for our hybrid silk screening and alternative process photography functions as well.

As electives, the Printmaking and Monotypes courses are offered on alternating semester basis. The papermaking portion of the studio contains two beater stations, a vacuum press, a book press, and a large compression jack. There are two drying racks and ample storage for paper pulp and finished work.
On semesters when Alternative Process Photography is being offered, this lab can transform into a specialized photo studio.  Paper is coated with emulsion, exposed in light boxes, and processed in the large trough sink with specialized developers. This lab allows for a variety of drying racks to meet the criteria of the medium.

This lab is also used for workshops with visiting artists and other electives. The mixed media lab is open for student use 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Foundations Studio

Foundations Studios   Foundations Studios

The foundations studio is a large classroom with 18 drafting stations and seven 27-inch iMac stations. The 1,285-square foot room allows for an entire critique wall with Homasote wall and track lighting. There are two large flat files, counter, and shelving for storage.  This lab has an instructor’s station with a Mac mini, ceiling mounted projector, document scanner, and full sound system for digital teaching needs. The room contains a second portable projection cart for installation and other projection purposes. This large studio has an entire wall of windows and overlooks the beautiful Merrimack River. Outside of the Foundations Studio there is a large light table and cutting shear for overall department use. Also, the enlarged section of the hallway outside of the studio allows for lounge seating and more pin-up walls with track lighting. Seventy two locker units run along the hallway walls, allowing students to have secure storage of work and supplies.

Photography Classroom and Darkrooms

Photography Classroom   Photography Darkroom

The photography lab combines a traditional wet process darkroom and a digital environment. Dugan B11, the main classroom area, is an open space providing flat working tables and two magnetic dry erase glass boards for critique and viewing work in process. A long wall at the front of the room contains three 27-inch iMac stations, an Epson flatbed and film scanner, and an 80-inch LCD flat screen for viewing work. The classroom space also includes a light table, negative drying cabinet and print drying racks. The primary film processing area is in the main classroom and includes a stainless steel Sebastian Processing Sink with final wash compartment sink. The classroom allows ample space for storage of chemicals, trays, cylinders, and tanks. Attached to the main classroom are two private darkrooms and a small gang darkroom. Each darkroom is equipped with a Sebastian Darkroom Sink with an area to pour off spent fixer. Each of the darkrooms functions independently, allowing beginning and advanced level students to work at the same time. To teach the students to operate a variety of enlarger types, we support Omega, Durst, and Beseler enlargers with an array of appropriate lens focal lengths. Students are trained to work in both the wet darkroom and our Digital Print Lab, thus creating a hybrid digital/analog learning experience.

Photography Lighting Studio

Lighting Studio

The 400-square foot lighting studio contains state-of-the-art Bowen's strobe units and accessories, a 27-inch iMac, and the industry standard application Capture One. The autopole system allows for three rolls of seamless backdrop paper to be installed and interchanged quickly.  Unlike the other studios in Dugan Hall, this studio does not have a side window and open view into the room, allowing privacy for models. In addition to the large seamless system, the studio has a small area for product photography and portfolio documentation. This studio allows for both digital and traditional work of all formats. All students enrolled in art classes have access to the Photography Lighting Studio from 9 AM - 5 PM, Monday through Friday.  Students enrolled in photography courses have 24 hour ID card access to the Lighting Studio, seven days per week.

Painting Studio

Painting Studio

The 82- square foot painting area is adjacent to the foundations room and is interconnected with the private studios. Storage cabinets and paint rag disposal containers are conveniently located in the painting studio for student use.  The studio is equipped with sixteen easels, taborets, a portable palette rack, and adjustable stools. The lighting design of the room is flexible and allows for a variety of options, and the four walls have exhibition-standard track lighting. The studio has a long wall of windows and boasts an impressive view of the Merrimack River. A specialized cleanup room with a double basin sink unit and green cleaning solution for oil-based paints is located directly across the hallway. Fire safe cabinets are provided and meet health and safety requirements.

Sculpture/Ceramics Studios

Sculture and Ceramics Studios   University Gallery

The sculpture/ceramics studio occupies approximately 3,500-square feet of space at the south end of Dugan Hall on the ground level. There are numerous stainless steel sinks with deep basins, ceramic tile floors and walls throughout. The loading dock adjacent to the sculpture/ceramics studio makes delivery of materials convenient. While the space appears large, it is actually subdivided into several smaller spaces.

The largest space is used as a classroom/studio area for lectures, technical demonstrations, and group critiques. This lab has an instructor’s station with a Mac mini, ceiling mounted projector, document scanner, and full sound system for digital teaching needs. The tool closet has a service window that opens into the main studio. The tool closet staff loans tools to classes and individual students during open studio hours. The main studio area also offers storage lockers for students. There is a 5HP air compressor with drop connections to service the entire studio and shop. This main studio area is utilized by the following courses: Art Concepts II, Sculpture, and Ceramics.
The wood shop is adjacent to the main studio space. It includes a table saw, two band saws, a drill press, table/belt sander, compound angle miter saw and a dust collection system. The ceramics area adjacent to the main studio has a  slab roller, two electric kilns, extruder tool, glaze storage, mixing areas, shelves and three large stainless steel work sinks.

Senior and Advanced Studio Work Space

Senior and Advanced Studio Space

Students working on their B.F.A. capstone coursework in Studio Art have access to studio space in a secure area. They have card access and access to the Senior Studio Space 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The spaces are assigned/awarded through an application process. The applications are reviewed each semester by a faculty committee. The spaces are semi-private and are each approximately 100- square feet. Together, Dugan B5 and B14 offer a total of 16 spaces and are available to  seniors and Advanced Studio students.

AV Equipment Rentals

AV Equipment Rentals (Cage)

The art department has a 190-square foot equipment loan area. The equipment ranges from video to digital SLR cameras, film cameras, and professional-level lighting equipment. The department also has a variety of audio equipment, including microphones, cables, sound recording equipment and audio adaptors. This area is overseen by the Studio Manager and is staffed 5 days per week.

Specialized Spray Room

Behind the paint clean up room and adjacent to the mixed media room, there is a 250-square foot spray paint room with enhanced ventilation. This room is used for studio activities that either require the use of flammable substances (such as spray paint or fixative) or need enhanced ventilation for substances such as resins and epoxies. The Nederman Lab arms in the adjacent Mixed Media room are not adequate for flammables, but they do offer enhanced ventilation in a localized setting.

South Campus Cafe & Dining Facility

Drawing Studio

Drawing Studio

Drawing is taught in a 1204 square foot room consisting of Homasote and brick walls. Two walls can be used to put up work for critiques and reviews.  The room is accessible with ID, 24 hours per day, seven days a week, allowing students ample time to do their work. There is a small open area for still-life, a storage room, a slop sink for cleanup of water-based materials, and a bathroom allowing models to dress privately. Adjacent to this studio, is an office where faculty can meet with students individually. The Drawing Studio accommodates the freshman foundations courses and figure drawing.


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