Jack Kerouac Literary Festival

World Premiere of Jack Kerouac's Only Play

'Beat Generation' Presented Oct. 10-14 by UMass Lowell & Merrimack Repertory Theatre

The world premiere of the play is the centerpiece of the 2012 Jack Kerouac Literary Festival, which will be held Oct. 10 through Oct. 14 in Lowell, Kerouac's hometown. The festival – held every two years by UMass Lowell, Lowell Celebrates Kerouac! and numerous other community partners – features a variety of programs inspired by Kerouac's works and life in Lowell and showcases prominent contemporary authors. This year's theme is "Writing and Music."

"Beat Generation" is a story of friendship and karma set in the 1950s and its characters and dialogue capture the Beat mentality at the roots of American counterculture as only Kerouac could. The play's premiere is being presented in Lowell with the support and collaboration of Kerouac Literary Estate representative John Sampas.

"One thing sure: it is now a real play, an original play, a comedy but with overtones of sadness and with some pretty fine spontaneous speeches that are as good as Clifford Odets." --- Jack Kerouac, 1957

‘Beat Generation’ Auditions

Auditions for “Beat Generation” have not been scheduled at this time; they will take place this summer. MRT will announce audition information at www.merrimackrep.org, the Actor’s Equity Association website and StageSource once dates have been selected and audition material chosen. Actors are welcome to submit photos and resumes (as a single PDF, please) for consideration anytime to auditions@merrimackrep.org.

What People Are Saying
Beat Generation
"It bears traces of a deeper vision, defined by beatitude and despair. . . This is what continues to give Kerouac resonance."
--- Los Angeles Times, 2005
"In the end, "Beat Generation" is a treat, a sweet found under a sofa cushion. For those of us who never had enough of Kerouac, now there is more."
--- A. M. Homes, 2005