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Departmental Users

The following training tools are primarily designed for staff working in academic and administrative departments across campus. 

General Access

Employees who access the e*mpac Financials system should be aware of the basic layout, navigation and functionality of the application.

Business Function Printed Interactive
e*mpac Fundamentals Manual (doc) UPK

Financial Business

There are a number of different financial business functions performed within the e*mpac Financials application. Depending upon your access and the business function you perform, you may use one or more of the following:

Business Function Printed Interactive
Expenses N/A UPK


The UMass BuyWays system is a one-stop shopping center. This center provides you with an easy route to all your purchasing needs.

Business Function Printed Interactive
eProcurement Manual (doc)  UPK 
Accounts Payable Job Aid (doc)  
Acting On a Returned Requisition Job Aid (doc)  
Add Items to a Cart from a Punch Out Catalog N/A Video 
Adding a Requisitioner Job Aid (doc)
Adding Items From a Punch-out Supplier Job Aid (doc)
Approver Acting On a Requisition Job Aid (doc)
Approver Basics Job Aid (doc)
Assigning a Cart N/A  Video 
Assigning Budget Information Job Aid (doc)
BuyWays Fundamentals N/A  Video 
Cancel and Close Purchase Orders Job Aid (doc)  
Contracting Basics Job Aid (doc)  
Creating and Using Favorites N/A  Video 
Creating a Shopping Cart Job Aid (doc)
Document Search N/A  Video 
Document Search QRG Job Aid (doc)
Entering Non Catalog Items N/A  Video 
Homepage Navigation Job Aid (doc)
Navigation 101 (SciQuest) N/A  Video 
Receiver Basics Job Aid (doc)
Removing a Punch-out Item Job Aid (doc)
Requisitioner Acting On a Requisition Job Aid (doc)
Requisitioner Assigning Budget Information Job Aid (doc)
Requisitioner Basics Job Aid (doc)
Saving Searches ORG     Job Aid (doc)  
Shoppers Getting Started Job Aid (doc)
Shoppers QRG Job Aid (doc)
Shopping NonCatalog Items Job Aid (doc)
Submitting a Cart N/A  Video 
Updating Your Profile N/A  Video
BuyWays Approving Manual (doc) UPK
BuyWays Procurement Manual (doc) UPK
BuyWays Receiving Manual (doc) UPK
BuyWays Requisitioning Manual (doc) UPK
BuyWays Shopping Manual (doc) UPK

e*mpac Reporting

Most traditional reporting tools are still available in e*mpac PeopleSoft 9.1. These include batch reports like "month-end reports" that can be viewed in the report distribution tool, PeopleSoft query and nVision. UMass Lowell no longer supports the FAIR reporting tool.

Business Function Printed Interactive
Report Center Manual (doc) UPK
Running SQR User Executed reports (ex. 7062, 7045) In Development N/A
Running nVision User Executed reports In Development N/A

Summit Reporting

Summit is a web-based tool that delivers PeopleSoft data both quickly and easily through customized graphs and tables. Summit is the Enterprise Reporting tool currently used to support Finance and Human Resources. It will eventually include Student (iSiS) and Advancement data. As a Summit user, you have access to your day-to-day processes.

Business Function Printed Interactive
Summit Fundamentals N/A UPK

Key Summit Widgets

  • Budget Balance Expense Summary
  • Transaction Detail Summary
  • Encumbrance Detail Summary
Summit Quick Reference Guide Job Aid (pdf) N/A
Setting a Default Dashboard Job Aid (doc) N/A
Academic Admin Dashboard Job Aid (pdf) UPK
Department Admin Dashboard Job Aid (pdf) UPK
PI Dashboard Job Aid (pdf) UPK
Facilities Dashboard Job Aid (pdf) UPK
Fiscal Reporting Dashboard N/A UPK
Updating Trusted Sites in IE  Job Aid (doc) N/A
UMass Amherst Summit Screencasts
Whether you are a new or experienced Summit user, you might want to take a few minutes to watch and listen to these brief screencasts, which demonstrate and teach the use of Summit. Please not, as the screencast were prepared by the Amherst campus, Amherst information is displayed. However, since Summit is a tool used by all campuses, the Lowell user should still find these brief screencast helpful. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact Maura Shield.