Social Media

Why Participate in Social Media

Social networks are a fun way to share pictures and news with family and friends. For an institution social media is a critical part of an overall marketing strategy. It is crucial to establish goals and identify your audience before jumping into social media. Using social media just to “check the box” can cause more harm than good. And the main goal of social media is always to “be social” – that means interacting and responding to followers as well as taking the bad feedback with the good. 

The University’s networks field comments such as why can’t I get housing, parking sucks and my faculty member didn't show up for class. A plan must be in place addressing how quickly comments will be responded to and how to handle negative comments. No one will pay attention if they feel like no one is listening – or worse, listening and doesn't care. The best part of social media is seeing a conversation take off, friends or followers interacting together and telling your story.