University Relations

Government Relations

The core mission of the Office Government Relations is to build, and maintain excellent relationships between the University and elected and appointed officials in municipal, state and the federal government. The Commonwealth of Massachusetts provides the funding for approximately 24 percent of the UMass Lowell budget. Government Relations places a special emphasis on regularly communicating the University’s stewardship of those funds to state officials and legislators.

All state legislators, the governor, our congressional delegation, and Merrimack Valley elected officials receive the UMass Lowell Magazine, and a variety of our strategic communications materials published by University Relations.

The Government Relations Office responds to inquiries from government officials and communicates UMass Lowell’s institutional priorities in a number of ways, including on-campus briefings, periodic memos and meetings. The Government Relations Office helps set UMass Lowell’s state government priorities by keeping senior administration informed of the Legislature’s and governor’s agendas and by serving as a liaison with the UMass President’s Office, which sets the system’s priorities.

Through legislation, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts has provided the University with significant funding, in addition to the monies allocated in the state budget, for example: 

  • The 2006 Economic Stimulus Bill provided $35 million for the construction Emerging Technology and Innovation Center. 
  • The Higher Education Bond Bill of 2008 funded numerous campus construction projects including the $40 million Health & Social Sciences Building.
  • The Higher Education Bond Bill of 2008 also provided $25 million for the Management Building.

For more information, contact Director of Government Relations DJ Corcoran at 978-934-3328 or Colleen Brady at 978-934-3554.