University Relations

Find a Writer for Your Story

University Relations is configured using a "beat system" to cover all areas of the campus. The beat person designated for each area is the primary contact for all services provided by the office. If you have a general question about news, please email

Academic Affairs Jill Gambon Ext. 4-3297
Administration & Finance, Capital Projects Jill Gambon Ext. 4-3297
Athletics    Julia Gavin Ext. 4-3688
Community Affairs Julia Gavin Ext. 4-3688
Education Karen Angelo Ext. 4-3224
Engineering Edwin Aguirre Ext. 4-3157
Humanities and Social Sciences Julia Gavin Ext. 4-3688
Health Sciences Karen Angelo Ext. 4-3224
Manning School of Business Jill Gambon Ext. 4-3297
Online & Continuing Education Jill Gambon Ext. 4-3297
Sciences Edwin Aguirre Ext. 4-3157
Fine Arts Sheila Eppolito Ext. 4-2146
Music David Perry Ext. 4-2971
Student Affairs, Veterans Affairs Julia Gavin Ext. 4-3688
DifferenceMakers, Innovation & Entreprenuership David Perry Ext. 4-2971