UMass Lowell & the Lowell National Historical Park

Student Opportunities

Students collaborate with the Tsongas Industrial History Center (TIHC) and the Lowell National Historical Park (LNHP) through practica, internships, directed study, and service-learning programs. Below are examples of student products:  

  • US/Great Britain child labor slide show 
  • Marketing plan
  • Background information for teachers on objects from Boott archeological excavation 
  • Compilation of environmental education resources 
  • Annotated bibliography of history resources for Eastern National bookstore catalog
  • Rube Goldberg devices/video
  • Solar energy demonstrations
  • Water-powered turbine model demonstrations
  • Posters on engineering design process and inventions hung in TIHC workshop
  • Bread and Roses Centennial posters displayed at TIHC
  • Dickens-based workshop and walking tour
  • Mill worker biographies
  • Exhibit text panel next to textile machine (creel)
  • Working models of mill villages
  • Charts and graphs for Concord River Greenway signs (with Lowell Parks & Conservation Trust) 
  • Press releases and articles for Lowell Sun and UMass Lowell 
  • TIHC program/Common Core State Standards alignment study 
  • Presentations for TIHC staff on arthropod silk
  • TIHC school-program teaching assistance
  • Photographs of summer teacher PD
  • List of immigration-themed works of youth fiction and non-fiction
  • Informational archival binder of all 20th-anniversary events
  • Translations of LNHP informational materials into multiple languages