Standard Operation Procedures

Vehicle Operations

The Emergency Response Vehicle shall only be operated by members of UMass Lowell EMS who:
  • Possess a valid driver’s license. 
  • Have passed a motor vehicle record check by UMass Lowell Police and have been approved by the Faculty Advisor. 
  • Have successfully passed a defensive driving course as prescribed by the University of Massachusetts Lowell and an in-house course on Massachusetts rules and regulations as they pertain to emergency vehicle use. 
All operations shall be in accordance with MGL Chapter 89, Section 7B. All EMTs are subject to a probation period for vehicle operations until approved by Executive Director. Vehicle operation privileges may be revoked by Executive Director at any time due to misconduct or other unforeseen circumstances. Safety belts shall be worn at all times while the vehicles are in motion.

 On-Duty Status
The Emergency Response Vehicles shall only be used while in an on-duty status, except when the vehicle is being taken to or returning from routine maintenance appointments, or scheduled and approved off campus events. Recreational use of this vehicle is prohibited. Appropriate use includes traveling to class and necessary errands within the response area. 
The response area is defined as follows:
  • As far East as Saints Memorial Medical Center. 
  • As far North as the Dracut border (Lakeview Ave & Riverside St). 
  • As far South as Dutton St @ the Lord’s Overpass. 
  • As far West as Wood St and the Rourke Bridge.
 Authorized Personnel Only
No unauthorized personnel will be allowed to ride in the vehicles. Only transports of UMass Lowell EMS members will be allowed.

The Emergency Response Vehicles will be parked in dedicated EMS Spots during the night shifts for all overnight sleeping crews. All normal faculty/staff and student parking spots are permitted with the exception of handicapped and reserved spots. In addition, UMass Lowell EMS has dedicated spots: two in the Fox Hall parking lot, one behind Bourgeois Hall, one in the Sheehy Hall parking lot, and the fire lane on Solomont Way. Any additional spots are to be granted at the discretion of the UMass Lowell EMS administration. 

 Lights and Sirens
The lights and sirens of the Emergency Response Vehicles are to be activated only:
As defined under dispatch protocols (Section 4) 
When illumination of a scene is necessary to protect the vehicles and those persons present for safety reasons. 
On fire alarm standbys only after the vehicles are parked a safe distance away from the scene to alert the fire department of its presence and location (lights only).

When weather and/or road conditions are such, that in the opinion of the on duty UMass Lowell Police Shift Commander or the Director of Operations, that continuation of the duty shift with the vehicles may put the vehicles and their operators at risk, such activities shall be immediately suspended and resumed when such weather and road conditions improve. If any crew member feels conditions are unsafe he or she shall inform the shift commander that they are taking the vehicles out of service. When the above weather situations occur the crew may request from the shift commander the EMS personnel be transported to the medical call by UMass Lowell Police. The crew may also respond on foot if in immediate proximity to a call.

 Vechicle Checklist
Each EMT crew shall initiate and maintain a vehicle checklist (Appendix F). These forms will be turned into the Field Operations Manager who will review and submit them to the Director of Operations.

 Fuel Levels
The vehicles are not to be operated or left with less 1/2 tank of fuel. Fueling of the vehicles should be accomplished before the end of the shift. Receipts are to be given to the Field Operations Manager.
The vehicles are to be fueled at stations designated by UMass Lowell Police. The vehicle operator must sign the receipt with the operator’s UMass Lowell EMS EMT number. Mileage will also be noted on the receipt.
Each vehicles are stocked with a gas check list. The check list must be filled out upon filling up the vehicle each time. The required information is: date, time, EMT number, number of gallons, current mileage and total cost.

NOTE: UMass Lowell EMS is to be re-fueled at COELHO FUEL & REPAIR at 493 Princeton Blvd, Lowell, MA. It is on the corner of Princeton and Baldwin.  
Should any questionable warning light come on, undetermined noise to be heard, inoperable equipment detected, the vehicle(s) is to be parked, not used, and removed from service. Any such vehicle deficiency should be documented on the shift vehicle maintenance log and brought to the attention of the Director of Field Operations.

If the vehicle(s) is disabled notify dispatch to call for a tow company. The vehicle(s) should be towed to the maintenance garage.

Any motor vehicle accident, minor or otherwise, is to be immediately reported to UMass Lowell Police who will send a unit to the scene to file a report along with the local jurisdiction (if investigated under existing standard operating procedures in place for University owned vehicles). Any accident off campus shall be investigated by the appropriate Police agency where the accident occurred in conjunction with UMass Lowell Police.

The vehicles shall be scheduled for an oil change and lube job every 3,000 miles. It shall be the responsibility of the Director of Field Operations to schedule the appropriate maintenance.

The vehicles shall be scheduled for an exterior wash and interior cleaning on an as needed basis (weather permitting). Routine interior cleaning is to be done by the duty crew after every shift. The Director of Field Operations shall be responsible for scheduling exterior cleanings. There is no excuse for dirty vehicles. The vehicles are one of the most visible items from which the public draws its opinions. As such it must be well kept.
Any violation of these policies will result in suspension and/or revocation of driver certification and possible termination of UMass Lowell EMS membership.