Standard Operation Procedures

Specific Duties

Advisory Committee 

The Advisory Committee will be the main governing body of UMass Lowell EMS. The committee will be composed of the following persons: 

Faculty Advisor

Chief of Police 

Student Offices (Non-Advisory)

 Faculty Advisor 

A faculty advisor will be chosen by UMass Lowell EMS according to the guidelines set forth in the UMass Lowell EMS Constitution under the authority of the UMass Lowell Student Government Association (SGA). Duties of the faculty advisor are as follows: 

  • Oversee all operations of UMass Lowell EMS. 
  • Ensure all members of UMass Lowell EMS are properly trained according to MGL for EMTs as well as Region III protocols. 
  • Ensure proper use of the emergency response vehicles. 
  • Ensure that all members of UMass Lowell EMS adhere to the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).  
  • Approve student officers; appoint additional staff as necessary.

 Chief of Police 

The Chief of the UMass Lowell Police Department is also a member of the Advisory Committee. The Chief of Police works and operates in accordance with the General Laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. In addition, the Chief of Police is responsible for ensuring that joint operations between UMass Lowell Police and UMass Lowell EMS are conducted in a smooth and professional manner. 

Executive Director 

  • Shall serve as chief officer of all EMS Operations. 
  • Shall be the Chief Executive officer of the organization and will be charged with the general oversight, care, and management of the affairs of the organization. 
  • Shall appoint the chairperson and members of all standing committees and is the supervisor of all officers. 
  • Shall perform all public relations functions as necessary. 
  • Shall preside over all meetings and events. 
  • Shall be responsible for all official correspondence of UMass Lowell EMS in conjunction with the faculty advisor. 

Director of Operations 

  • Shall be responsible for the scheduling of all EMTs. 
  • Shall be responsible for payroll. 
  • Shall be responsible for upkeep and maintenance of the office and living quarters. 
  • Shall assist the Director of Operations as necessary or act in his/her place in his/her absence.  
  • Shall assist in public relations functions as necessary. 
  • Shall assist with meetings and events. 

Director of Field Operations 

  • Shall Oversee all day to day field operations of UML EMS 
  • Shall review and submit maintenance reports to the Director of Operations. 
  • Shall review and submit vehicle inventory reports to the Director of Operations. 
  • Shall schedule vehicle clean-up days and vehicle washing. 
Director of Special Operations 

Shall oversee all non day to day EMS operations including: 

  • Detail Coverage 
  • Special Events - Work in conjunction with the executive director and the director of training to ensure training and preparedness for special events/disasters. 

Director of Training 

  • Shall act as the coordinator of medical training courses offered to the university community. 
  • Shall maintain copies of all course rosters including First Aid, CPR, Continuing Education, and Defibrillator Quarterlies in conjunction with the faculty advisor. 
  • Shall meet with the Director of Operations for all training matters as necessary. 
  • Shall ensure that all instructors are properly trained and hold current certification. 
  • Shall ensure that all courses are taught according to the appropriate standard. 
  • Shall maintain training equipment by cleaning, servicing and updating after every training class. 
  • Shall assist the Director of Operations as necessary. 

 Student Offices (Non-Advisory Committee) 


  • Shall keep a file of all general membership meeting minutes. 
  • Shall provide the advisory committee and faculty advisor with a monthly and end of the semester statistical analysis of medical emergencies. 
  • Shall maintain all other records of the organization not under the control of the Director of Operations and the VP of Training. 


  • Shall hold UMass Lowell EMS funds under control of the student government and disburse them in accordance with budget allocation or consent of the faculty advisor and Director of Operations. 
  • Shall keep an accurate account of receipts and disbursements, and shall report to each meeting of the general membership and the advisory committee the financial status of the organization. 
  • Shall prepare an annual financial statement for publication to the members as directed by the advisory committee. 
  • Shall provide the advisory committee with an end of the semester budget analysis. 
  • Shall coordinate fundraising efforts of UMass Lowell EMS under the direction of the advisory committee in conjunction with the Staff Moral and Wellness Coordinator.