Standard Operation Procedures

Scheduling & Payroll

Scheduling of shift coverage shall be the responsibility of the Assistant Director of Operations. At the beginning of the academic year each EMT will provide the Assistant Director of Operations with a copy of their schedule and the times available to provide medical coverage. Any changes in academic schedule or coverage schedule must be brought to the attention of the Assistant Director of Operations. At the beginning of the academic year each EMT will be given a list of EMT phone numbers and pagers. This list may be used to find shift replacements. It is the sole responsibility for the EMT assigned to duty to find coverage if needed for their assigned shift. See responsibility for emergency coverage.

Shift Schedule Policy

UMass Lowell EMS operates on a monthly schedule. Each EMT will give the Director of Operations their availability for the upcoming month by the scheduled date and time set by the Director of Operations. If the Director of Operations does not receive a schedule by the determined deadline, the Director is under no obligation to put that EMT on the schedule for that month. 

The schedule will be made with fairness in mind. The schedule will be made in accordance with EMTs' availability. No EMT will be forced to work a certain number of shifts. A person with more availability may receive more shifts due to scheduling constraints. 

The schedule will be complete at the minimum three days before the first day of the month being scheduled. The schedule will be emailed to every staff member via email, as well as posted in the staff office. If there are any problems with the schedule, each EMT will have 24 hours after schedule delivery to contact the Assistant Director of Operations regarding the issue. If a problem occurs after that 24 period, it is up the EMT to follow standard shift swap procedures. 

Shift Change Policy

If an EMT is scheduled for a shift and can no longer work their scheduled shift they must find an adequate replacement. The EMT should use the contact list to find that replacement.

Once the Replacement EMT is found the Person requesting the shift change must send an email to The email MUST also be  to the other EMT who will be taking the shift. The subject of the email should be Shift Swap Request (date).

Once the e-mail is received and approved an e-mail will be returned to both EMTs. The shift swap is not approved until and e-mail is sent in return with an acceptance. If the swap is for a time period that is less than 24 hours in advance then the EMT must call the Assistant Director of Operations directly.


Depending on available University funds, each certified EMT will receive a small stipend on a semester basis. EMTs are paid on a biweekly basis. Therefore, time sheets for the following week will be submitted by Friday to the Assistant Director of Operations. EMTs are paid one week behind their work hours.