Standard Operation Procedures

Introduction, Operating Structure and Chain of Command

UMass Lowell has supported an Emergency Medical Service system for over 20 years to provide professional quality care to the university and its community 24 hours a day, seven days a week. UMass Lowell Emergency Medical Services (UMass Lowell EMS) is composed of faculty, staff and students who have the proper background, training and experience to provide emergency medical treatment to the university community. In addition, UMass Lowell EMS will provide emergency medical training to any member of the university community with a willingness to learn. Training includes CPR, First Aid and EMT Continuing Education. 

The purpose of this manual is to outline the Standard Operating procedures for UMass Lowell EMS. All members of UMass Lowell EMS will strictly adhere to the guidelines set forth in this manual. 

UMass Lowell EMS has a multifaceted role: (1) Emergency response for the university community and immediate vicinity dispatched by UMass Lowell Police, (2) Training and (3) Community Outreach and Emergency Prevention. 

A. Emergency Response Team

  1. Provide 24 hours a day, seven-days a week emergency medical service to the university community.
  2. Maintain medical equipment in the university police cruisers and the emergency response vehicles. 
  3. Maintenance and upkeep of the emergency response vehicles: E105 and E101  
  4. Provide emergency medical coverage to special university events held on campus in facilities such as, but not limited to, the Campus Recreation Center, residence halls and athletics facilities. 

B. Training and Special Activities 

  1. Provide emergency medical training in all levels of CPR (American Heart Association), First Aid (American Heart Association) to the university.
  2. Provide continuing education programs for members of UMass Lowell EMS. 

UMass Lowell EMS chain of command:

  • Advisory Committee 
  • Chief of Police & Faculty Advisor 
  • UMass Lowell Police Shift Commander (daily operations only) 
  • Executive Director 
  • Assistant Director of Operations 
  • Director of Training 
  • Director Field Operations 
  • Senior EMT on Duty

Note: Accessory positions such as, but not limited to, quartermaster, cadet supervisor, webmaster etc. may be created but confer no authority within the chain of command.

UMass Lowell EMS Non-Advisory Committee Positions:

  • Chief Information Officer 
  • Secretary 
  • Treasurer 
  • Staff Morale and Wellness Coordinator