Standard Operation Procedures


UMass Lowell EMS Patient Care Reports (PCRs) are to be completed for all calls, standbys, events and any other incident in which UMass Lowell EMS personnel are involved. Each sheet should be filled out with the most complete information available (see below), including personal information, patient condition, treatment, etc. If the call is not for patient treatment then all details of the event should be included in the written summary. Incident reports should be filled out where applicable. Examples requiring incident reports include calls involved with crime scenes such as assaults, calls involving UMass Lowell EMS or UMass Lowell Police personnel and any other circumstances outside the scope of normal emergency medical responses. PCRs exclude standby situations. Details are to be e-mailed to Faculty Advisor.

Required Information:

    a.    Date

    b.    Run Number (obtained from UMass Lowell Police, x 2398)

    c.    Transport information

    d.    Relevant patient information in appropriate spaces

    e.    EMT signatures

In the event of a cardiac arrest where the Semi-Automatic External Defibrillator (SAED) is used, a Region III Form must accompany the UMass Lowell EMS form. A copy is to be left at the hospital.

Documentation should be completed for all calls UMass Lowell EMS personnel are involved in including patient refusals. The patient must be over the age of 18 and of competent mental status to refuse treatment and transport. The patient must sign the refusal form. The EMTs also must sign the form. If possible, a witness such as a UMass Lowell police officer, Resident Advisor, or bystander should sign as a witness.

All UML EMS operating staff (non-cadet) are to go through computer training to be familiar with PCRs and other computer based operations.

All PCR reports will be reviewed first by the Executive Director and then again by the Faculty Advisor. This is to help ensure quality of the PCR and provided training where necessary. Following review, a copy is sent to student health services, the University police department, and back to UMass EMS for filing purposes