Standard Operation Procedures

Crew Quarters & Office

The office is a great addition to UMass Lowell EMS. This space is both a professional and home type atmosphere. Each EMT is to treat the space with respect, and to follow all rules and regulations set forth for the space.

Rules and Regulations

  1. The office should be used for official business and work only. There should be no illegal activities conducted on the premises and the office should be used and occupied with accordance to the law.
  2. All information that is obtained or processed within the confines of the office are confidential and must be kept that way. Anyone found in violation of confidentiality will be held subject to state and federal laws.
  3. No EMT should enter spaces listed as confidential.
  4. The office/quarters must be kept clean. No food will be disposed of in the office. All food waste must be removed to an exterior trash unit.
  5. Guests are allowed in the office. Each guest must be accompanied by a staff member at all times.
  6. No alcohol or drugs will be allowed at any time in the offices or crew quarters. Any individual found in possession of said substances will be terminated from UMass Lowell EMS immediately without review. The member will also be subject to any and all applicable violations of University policies and Massachusetts or Federal Law.
  7. Each crew member will be required to supply their own sleeping bag and pillow.
  8. The night crew will clean the rooms each morning.
  9. Violation of these rules will result in termination of office privileges.