UPrint Announcement

The University is transitioning to a new printing system for materials printed from academic labs, libraries and Centers for Learning. This green initiative will significantly reduce wasted printing across campus and allow users maximum flexibility and convenience for printing options. The system, which was successfully piloted this fall with 14 printers in the libraries, Centers for Learning and Computer Science, resulted in a 12 percent reduction in printing over two months.

You will be able to send material from any computer on campus, go to one of 55 participating printers located across campus – choose the one most convenient for you – and then authorize or cancel printing. Every student will be allocated 150 black and white one-sided print pages free each semester – a $15 value. After that allotment is used, pages will cost 10 cents for single-sided and 15 cents for double-sided. UPrint will charge in all locations across campus at the beginning Feb. 6, 2012.

Use of the UPrint system requires the use of your UCard or UPrint Card. UPrint Cards are available for purchase ($1) in both libraries. These cards will replace the Conway cards previously dispensed at the libraries. Unused value on a Conway card can be transferred to a UPrint account at the UCAPS office in University Crossing. Cash can be loaded onto cards in the libraries, and UCash can also be used in all locations, which means you can load money from any computer at any time.

More information can be found on the UPrint website.